Poll: Favorite Monster To Play Post-Micro Patch


I was just curious as to what people’s favorites are now that Behemoth is better and he’s been out for a while. If you can’t pick just one then reply with a list of your favorites. Also to know some of your reasoning behind your choice would help.

  • Goliath
  • Kraken
  • Wraith
  • Behemoth

This is not a thread for which is the best monster. It’s just to know personal favorites and the reasoning behind it. No OP or UP arguments please.


My favorite is and always will be Goliath, he just wields such raw power, you cant go wrong with him.
And his muscles.
Mmm dem mucsles :relaxed:


Lol I personally can’t pick a favorite I just love them all so much. Goliath was my least favorite until this weekend when I picked him up again and realized I was missing out on so much power.


I could never get into Kraken and Behemoth is too slow for my liking, thats why Goliath and Wraith are my favs, quick and melee based, 2 favorite things ever


At a time Kraken was for sure my least favorite until I figured out that it’s ideally the best in combat for avoiding heavy damage when fighting in open areas.


Who needs to avoid damage when you can just soak it up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wraith, she’s just so awesome, I feel like I’m an assassin. I love stalking the hunters and abducting them, its pretty amazing. And when I pop supernova I feel like a super saiyan :joy: . And using warp blast feels great. Its by far my favorite ability.


Touché my good sir.


I never made that connection you just made my day and blew my mind lol


Hell yeah, she turns a different color, has a increase in physical attack speed. And just the way she initiates it makes it look like a transformation in general, i just put the two and two together. Super Wraith haha


Wraith for me, she’s fun. ^.^


Wraith. I converted recently but Wraith all the way.


The lack of Kraken votes is honestly amazing me right now lol


No one is gonna admit to using him cuz hes OP ^.-


Lol I personally don’t believe so he just has an advantage over certain hunter team combinations.


Haha i jest, I just beat a Kraken on defend.
Totes not OP ^.-


Lol you beat the Kraken or won as the Kraken?


Beat it, Crow vs a Kraken is bad news, that big tentacly head is just beggin for charged shots ^-^


Lol yeah for Kraken you need a good trapper and the rest basically becomes a fight like any other monster.


Except its at stage 3.
In hunt.
I never let em get there :sunglasses: