[Poll] Favorite Biome


Well, which is it? Forest, Snow, Desert, or Acid?

  • Forest
  • Snow
  • Desert
  • Acid

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What would you like to see? Lava? Ancient Civilizations? Another Planet? Snow maps with Ice?( Not like the one area in Aviary, much more ice.) All of the above? None of the above?

  • Lava
  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Ice
  • All of the above
  • None of the above

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Sorry if there’s already a thread like this, but thanks for voting!


I really, REALLY want a ice biome.


I would really really like a concrete jungle type of map


I would totally love an ice biome!

Maybe like an extensive abandoned and broken research facility filled with snow and ice, with perhaps a huge opened midsection where they have another monster trapped; oh, and like outdoors bits like the bird sanctuary.
That’d be aces.


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: crash site :smiley:

Just this giant crashed spaceship in a jungle, sort of overgrown already.
It’d have colonists inside and wildlife outside, maybe a few curious marsh striders wandered into the spaceship too.

Maybe even a waterfall with some water running down a river and eventually reaching the ship!

Apart from that, a full-on hardcore ice biome’d be nice too :blush:



Also as the monster I prefer Ice biomes, but as a hunter I prefer the desert biomes.

From both perspectives, I like really thick jungle type environments.


So far, nobody likes Acid. ;-;

Maybe I should’ve specified that I meant the map?


I can imagine Jack and a small army of drones building The temple of the Jackal, made from scarp and such with mock fire pits and statues XD


That would be cool xD

A giant structure built of scrap metal and other detritus. With many floors and lots of crates.

Bigger map than foundry so that way it isn’t horrible favored for the hunters and boom! good map.

the building would have to be massive though…


Size is not an issue for the Jackal, he has many robotic disciples, eager to serve!

Plus I imagine he’d totally have an image similar to this:

but featuring Caira, Sunny, Val and Maggie XD


An image that he drew himself, stashed away amongst a massive batman comic collection xD


Yay, another map thread! I’d comment on what maps I want, but I already made an entire thread about it, so I’ve got nothing.

Karuu, the crashed ship is second from the bottom.


Hey @Bot I heard you like heat maps


I really want a “combat stimulator” map. In a forest or a sub-industrial area. @Macman please say this can happen, even if it is only in my dreams.


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