Poll : Evolve ping


Making us choose the connection we want

Localized = look for players within 70 pings but the search time increases

Regional = look for players with in 150 ping , the wait time is less

Random = reduce wait times …doesn’t matter the ping … even with 250+ to 500 +

In party [party leader should make the option]

Are you with choosing your connection (ping) ?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Doesn’t matter

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Where are you from ??

  • USA
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Middle East
  • South America

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Do you think the ping is a major issue in Evolve ??

  • Yes
  • Yes only if it was higher than 100
  • Yes , only if it was higher than 200
  • No

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Do you or your teammate generally blame ping for a loss ??

  • Yes
  • No

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Does ping affect monster and hunters at the same level ?

  • Yes
  • No, monsters suffer more from high ping
  • No, Hunters suffers more because they can’t dodge
  • Don’t know

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What is your ping on average ??

  • less than 50
  • from 50 to 100
  • from 100 - 150
  • from 150 - 200
  • 250 +
  • 300 +

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Which console do you use to play Evolve ??

  • PC
  • PS4
  • Xbox One

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What do you like to have ?

  • High ping 250+ but No wait time
  • Normal ping 150 & Normal wait time
  • Less ping 80 but high wait time

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The first poll says “Are you with or against” with a “Yes or No” option so that needs fixing.

Players blaming ping is kinda subjective but I will say that I had a match where the Monster was punching and lighting me on fire on the other side of the map…

And Monsters have been known to suffer from high ping matches.

The rest of these polls don’t really add much and TRS already knows how many people are where.


This would require an insane amount of UI work though, would it not?

Would it not be more simple to just show ping at the lobby screen? It’s clearly information that Evolve already has but deliberately doesn’t show you to prevent queu dodging.

Right. Because opening the player options tab to see someone’s Steam profile and their country is so difficult or losing due to insane lag is fair. Totally.

The game withholds this information deliberately even though the result of that is, in my opinion of course, much worse.
They should show this info as soon as you found other players. Queu dodging is already a problem that needed to be fixed. Showing ping as early as possible is an excellent temporary solution until either lag compensation is introduced to the game or players get exactly the options you suggest in this thread.


How do you know if it require too much work ?? Are you a programmer or computer science major ?? Or you just guessed it ?

I would honestly like the Idea of having a ping showed to me

Most NA don’t suffer from ping unless the host server was in Europe or Asia or could be for an odd reason

Asian players suffers from high ping
Europe players suffers from that as well

I d rather my wait time be 10 min with a normal ping rather than having a huge ping that will cause me the match (specially if I was medic)

This is an option given to players based on their preference … I am suffering from high ping 170 + 274+ 380+

I think it’s worth the effort if it’s technically possible and The team is capable for doing it

If I play on Europe server it would 80 till 106 which is amazing


I think that player base is already too limited for us to be asking for more filtering in the matching process :sob:
Few people, different experience levels, if we add ping filter to these we will end up playing with 10 people, which most of us already do to ensure we play with people that most of the times know what they are doing X-D.
I’m Europe based and do not witness a lot ping issues, just here and there, so I find it unnecessary.


This is the only drawback yes I do agree but

Having a huge ping is why I am still ranked in silver master

Most of my dodges should avoid monsters attack and the ping was the reason not to

I think I am not the only one who suffers from ping …

I think This tool will prevent that from happening …


Maybe if the ping-filtering option was only triggered and available to people when they show very high pings then?
That might do the trick to avoid massive unnecesary use of it.
But I have no idea if what I am shooting out of my head is even possible, just thinking out loud X-D


Maybe if it looks at the monster - support - medic best interest

Those are the main characters of the game (medic - support) if the ping is within 120 … it’s good … create the match

I don’t even know if it possible … but I think it will be a good thing added … that’s how the connection get balanced

If the medic or support has 200+ he wouldn’t be able to dodge = monster win


Wow, can someone seriously, without sounding prejudiced towards one side or the other, please explain how lag/high ping affect both sides evenly? I mean let’s take a look at this and put into perspective.

If only monster has high ping 200-300 yes you’ll be missing quite a few of your moves, you’ll be quite aftershock, spider trap, fire breath dependent to hit someone, you’ll have to get lucky for sure to pull off strikes.

If even so much as one hunter is lagging no matter the character you’ll more than likely be so delayed in your movements that you will not dodge anything, cloak and shields won’t save you they only last so long. If everyone is lagging you are so dead, probably miss domes, miss heal burst, shield pops too late, beams don’t react quick enough to snap on to someone.

All in all the lag is gonna really screw you over either way and there’s not really an easy way around it, maybe play bob to soak some damage that you cannot dodge, use sunny to actually dodge? I dunno, either way if it’s one or the other, it’s messing them up all the same. If both sides are lagging than the monster will probably be getting moves recharged quicker than jetpack and will have a much easier time focusing someone who cannot dodge.


Can you @Buckets_Sentry_Gun close the thread

… thank you in advance :slightly_smiling: