Poll: Evolve Maps


Are you bored with the current maps ?

  • yes
  • No
  • somewhat

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From 1 to 5 : describe your level of satisfaction about the maps ??

  • 5 very satisfied
  • 4 satisfied
  • 3 neither
  • 2 disappointing
  • 1 very disappointed

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Do you think generally the maps are infavourable for

  • Hunters
  • it’s Balanced
  • Monsters
  • Hard to tell

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Are you looking forward to new maps for Hunt

  • Yes , very interested into it
  • No , current maps are enough
  • wouldn’t be necessary

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Are you OK with bringing refueling tower sunlight map into Hunt ?? Or changing the night maps into sunlight maps & vice versa

  • Yes
  • No because it would hurt hunters or monsters
  • No . Wouldn’t be necessary

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If there is 1 map you want it so bad from TRS to create for us as community map ?? What would it be

  • Ice map
  • Forest map
  • Acid map
  • Desert map
  • Waterfall maps
  • Nothing

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Do you think creating new maps should be the priority in this phase specially after balancing and developing new characters ??

  • Yes
  • No

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Thank you for your vote .


Broken hill Foundry, Mine, both need to be brought out of hunt.

To favored for hunters on the chase, and monster favored relay.


I really, REALLY want a true ice map, like with ice plains and everything. Not the half/half like Aviary for example


I think all of the maps are very well done from an athletically pleasing point of view however a good deal of them are not balanced which is why I think they would be better suited to balancing the current map pool and then making new ones.

it should be noted at this point that they already have done a sterling job with orbital drill and I hope this is an indication that they are working on the other maps and maintain the same high standard of balance for them.


I would love for them to make Colonial Water and Power not just for defend but for arena and hunt! Love the atmosphere of that stage.


I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “this phase,” but I’m assuming it’s referring to getting Kala and the Adaptations out and balanced and then focusing on new maps for the current 5 Game Modes, in which case I would totally agree, along with more skins for DLC characters and at least one more Game Mode… although having 5 Game Modes and 5 Classes does add nice synergy…


i dont think any new game modes are nessicary, while they could be neat at first, they wouldnt go as far as getting new maps as far as player use is concerned.

im jonesing for some new maps (or multiple map effects on at a time for customs) much more than say a new mode or like others said the balencing of current maps. new beats referbished in my mind


Yeah, at this point if we get a new mode it’d be cool but it’s not high on my list. I’d rather see a Tier 6 than a sixth Game Mode hands down, to be honest.


I’d rather see bug fixes and balance changes


Instead of making new maps, what if they just adjust some of the current maps (the ones with day and night time) and call it a adaptation/variant. Fusion Plant and Refueling Tower already feel very different from their original time of day setting.

Adding maps with flaming chomp plats mixed with non-hostile wildlife towards hunters would be really cool.

Also screw Foundry, I hope Sunny nukes that terrible place.


That’s something that they’ll always be fine-tuning, I’m talking about things that can be added in that weren’t there before.


Broken hill mines - foundry are the worst maps in My opinion

I really want to see Ice or waterfall map in the night … it would look gorgeous in this game …


The first thing they need to do is remove all of the tiny vehicles , ledges, and unbreakable objects that screw over monsters (especially ones like goliath and behemoth).


I’d like to see a concrete jungle map. Like a big developed city


Then add in a few happy trees here and there.
(Play on of your pic :stuck_out_tongue: )


I wish it can be breakable by the monster .

I think trees shouldn’t interrupt monster attacks …


what i’d like is a volcano map.


I have heard they r working on something new from one of the past tournament … not so sure about it


I would prefer more bug fixes- less disconnections and dashboarding.

But changing daytimes would be cool. I also think changing wildlife positioning would be cool- maybe adding new wildlife- like a big teridactyl that swoops down and snatches the monster’s food and gives away it’s position. (Most wildlife is out to hurt hunters)


Yes for sure … lots of bugs are being fixed through this patch … hopefully it will fix it