Poll: Evolve Collector's Edition


So, I know for sure I want to pre-order Evolve, but I was curious if there was a chance that a Deluxe Edition would be available before release? I want that. I want a Kraken statue and posters. I want a book with concept art, and assets. I would happily drop 150 for that. This is the first game since Left 4 Dead (TRS, y u so gud) that I have just been so completely absorbed into a game.

gimme deluxe edition, i want to pay more for this game.

EDIT: I made a poll!


We haven’t heard anything yet. If they didn’t announce it for the holidays, I’m not sure if they’ll have it later. Unless for some reason they need to wait until after Wraith reveal or Beta. That does cut it really close to release though.


Agree, I’d like some sort of Collector’s Edition too. We would need to wait to see if 2K is going to do this or not.


Oh yes, I’d be getting that!

Just having a cute little Goliath on my desk would be great.


I wouldn’t want it. Be rather weird to offer that while planning on having a lot of DLC. Rather have my money spent towards that instead.


I really hope they do for preorder. I want the pre-order bonus, but GDI, I want cool stuff; and I never get Collector’s Editions.

What if part of the Collector’s Edition is the “season pass”?


That’d soften the blow, but I still only like things if they have use, not just skins or little statues and books/cards that sit on the shelf. Although I hear those are pretty popular.


Yeah, normally, I find Collector’s/Deluxe edition things pointless. Usually because most games I play for 20 hours and stop playing. I can see Evolve becoming my new Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2 (1400 hours played combined), and I want to support that. If Left 4 Dead 1/2 had Collector’s Editions, I would have gotten that.

In essence, any game that I can dump more than 200 hours in, I would be happy to get Collector’s items.


Those type of Collection Edition usually happen in long running franchises. For example, The Elder Scrolls only saw the Collection Edition with Skyrim …

Since Evolve is a new IP I’m not sure they would gather resources towards that. Even more so, being a small studio.


While true, I feel like it’s almost justifiable. Evolve is getting major publicity, and the amazing factor is it meets the hype. That alone in the industry is huge. Plus, with companies like Rooster Teeth making videos on it, and the overall media coverage, I find it hard to believe that they won’t make a huge profit from this game.


Because it’s a hit or miss game. People either fall in love with Evolve, or absolutely hate it, and that kind of limits sales. Surely I’m not the only one that comes across a lot of criticism towards Evolve (go to youtube, ign, ect. you’ll find it). And then there’s the fact that somehow, SOMEHOW, people still haven’t even heard about Evolve. (trust me, it’s real)


I’d buy it… especially if it has a nice box and a hardback art book, I’m a sucker for those. Mind you, I’d buy a hardback art book on it’s own. I always do for games I enjoy, I love to appreciate the art that’s gone into the creation. I’m never usually fussed with figurines and suchlike, though… Although a nice Goliath statue could sway me.


No, I agree, it’s not perfect, and there’s always haters. I know people who think L4D is a bad game. I just think something like this, if done right, could not only boost their profit, but ALSO give fans something. Potentially, they could do a kickstarter type thing, where people put in for the order, and however many people put in for the Collector’s Edition, they make that many editions. Obviously my thoughts aren’t perfect on that, but I have a retarded amount of want for a Collector’s.

RIP Kraken love TT.TT


They have said that they didn’t really want to make a CE for a new IP because it can look bad so to speak in a way that people think that they think their game is that good even for a new IP that people would buy up the CE… something like that… PR stuff!


RIP dreams. I guess I’ll have to settle for merch.


Oh, I love Kraken. His idle animation in the menu is absolutely sublime.
I think both are awesome, and statues of either would be awesome… I just think Goliath is kind of the poster boy for Evolve, so kind of makes more sense. =)


Wraith is the poster child. You just haven’t seen her photo bombing all the promo material :smiley:


lol, very true ^^


I read Porno. >.>


Hahaha, that would be creepy. Although, it would be some slick as marketing is she WAS in all the trailers, just no one noticed her because something else took the focus off her.