Poll: Evolve april fools ideas

  • Silly monster skins
  • Reverse gamemodes
  • Highpitched voices
  • hunter group of monsters

Silly monster skins: things like Kawaiiliath for goliath where he has larger eyes and when he gets armor blush marks under his eyes glow, Kronken a skin for kraken to make him look kind of like kronk from emperor’s new grove, or sexy wraith where it looks like normal wraith but when it gets armor it makes a bikini shaped glow on it, etc. etc.

Reverse game modes: where hunt is the monster comes in at stage three and the hunters have to hunt down animals to “stage up” or nest where there are deactivated drones everywhere the hunters have to defend and thye can activate one to help them fight the monster, rescue where the monster has to save baby goliaths, defend where the monster is defending a dropship and the hunters have drones that help them attack the ‘generators’ and reverse evacuation where the hunters need to kill as many monsters while the monsters have to save other monsters :stuck_out_tongue:

High pitched voices: for literally everything even cutscenes.

hunter group of monsters: the hunter classes have smaller human versions of the monsters that wear the clothes as each character for example behemoth would be humanoid and wear the clothes of all the assaults


All four hunters are Bill, Zoey, Francis and Louis!
Monsters are: Goliath-Tank, Kraken-Spitter, Wraith-Witch and the Behemoth-Smoker!


I vote “high-pitched voices” because while the other three are amazing ideas, we can’t justify that much work for a one day event.


they could be something that people get if you play during april fools for the skins the game modes could just be silly additions added on aprill fools but remain in the game the last one was just me being silly XD


In that case, mouse squeaks for the monster roars? :wink: I guess they would make them…

The Mice That Roared!


I have to commend you for the Kawaiiliath option. Beautiful.


Bikini Wraith … I’ll, uh, be right back.

(the shame brings tears but is necessary)

Wow … I disturbed myself. :unamused:


:goliath_roar:: why won’t hunter senpai notice me


How about making all wildlife Mammoth Birds? That would be a real joke. :smile:


Sunny with a higher voice… :unamused:


You leave her alone. She is a nice lady.


Whenever the engagement starts, Benny Hill starts playing. No one can take anything, even Evolve, seriously when Benny Hill starts playing


Oh please.

Swap out the animations and/or models per character.

Because the behemoth acting like the wraith would be hillarious