Poll: Evolve Animal Rage *POLL*


Which of Shear’s wildlife do you find most annoying and is arguably the most destructive to your precious health bar?

  • Reavers
  • Mammoth Birds
  • Sloths
  • Armadons
  • Tyrants
  • Dune Beetles
  • Megamouths
  • Other (too many to list)

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Thunder chickens! :zap: :chicken:



For me it’s a tie between Mammoth Birds and the Dune Beetle.
Mammoth Bird -------> High initial damage
Dune Beetle ---------> Chases you across the entire map



I wanted to say Tyrants because I felt like they’d reach a mile out to grab me and it was SO annoying, but Megamouths were the main pain-inducers overall. They ruined so many scrims, ranked, and quick play matches alike. Fly a mile over them and they created a vortex with their megamouths to capture you. And they were SO fast! What was up with that?!

Honorable mention to Spotters and Obsidian Grubs. They were the monsters’ true and ultimate destruction in many a game, especially to newer monster players. :laughing:



Dune Beetles…always the dune beetles…because they legit hunt you.

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I take offense to that… refer to them as thunder turkeys. /s

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Thunder Chicken all the way. Not even close.

Those two story tall horse things though are a weird second for me. I dont know why but they really hated me. lol



I’ll have to go with Dune Beetles. Because even as a Monster the damn things will go after you Unless you’re Stage 3. I mean here I am innocently murdering a couple of Striders then BAM! Stabbed in the back by one of these Starship Trooper bugs. :unamused: Top that off with the fact they they’ll also eat your kill.




Come to think of it, I hated a majority of Wildlife on Shear, they were just assholes in general. Reavers. Especially Reavers.



Temporary bump for more votes. PS nothing beats Evolving as a pack of Trapjaws spawn right in front you.



The best is when you kill them all out of rage, go to eat them, and another pack spawns!



What’s really funny is when they kill the Stage 1 monster before the first engagement. Kinda felt bad about that because it was a brand new monster player and he raged so hard after the game.

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Don’t Trapjaws only give like 1 toward the evolve meter whereas Mammoth Birds give 2?

I always went for routes that included the birds while staying mobile.



Yes, but if you manage to kill them you can devour the entire pack and get some food out of it, if you’ve built enough distance, the risk is worth it.

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These mammoth birds peeps know what’s up!

Just walks by, gets ZAPPED

I’ve actually had games where the monster escaped a 1v1 with like 1 tiny amount of HP left, and gets zapped by a bird and dies.

A close 2nd are the plants



I’m getting vivid flashback to the early days when the whole “the environment is like a third side” thing was in full force. The wildlife was vicious, but the mammoth birds were always the worst. Their shock attack takes half a second to activate, you automatically get hit if you’re close enough, and they always travel in groups. I saw and took part in more than one match that ended when the last person standing (or the monster on low enough health) took one wrong turn during the desperate race to escape and got zapped by three mammoth birds at once before they could backpedal.



Thunder chickens definitely packed a punch

But reavers.

God damned reavers.

Thunder chickens were never (or rarely) a “surprise”. You could see them easily, and you shouldve cleared them before they were a problem. OR, used them tactfully to do some free, and surprisingly strong, damage to the monster. Nothing was as hilarious as seeing one of these bastages’ get the final kill on the monster for the ultimate humiliation.

Know what was NEVER funny however?


Damned space monkeys jump out from no where, bite your ankle, and debuff/cripple you with a massive slow. VERY annoying when you were chasing the monster, only to lose it because one of these jerks went for your achilles tendon.