Poll: Environments Evolved Or De-Evolved?

  • They Have Been Improved
  • Meh I Find Them just As Good As Before
  • No I Find Them Inferior To Their Original Designs

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With the new Stage 2 update completely redesigning the levels in Evolve, I figured this deserved it’s own poll to gauge people’s feelings about the redesigns and provide a interesting subject to discuss.


Not as many trees and more space.

A Monster’s paradise.

######Apart from those Hunters.


I hated Goliath in Stage 1. He would slam into trees and terrain and rocks all the time. Now, I’ve not had a SINGLE ‘tree’ issue, and never had a dome that felt too claustrophobic or too open. I can say that I even enjoy to play him now.


Well that’s kinda disappointing in the videos I watched before buying the game, having the monster be able to directly or indirectly really influence the Environment was great. it made the world feel more real and the monster seem much more powerful and heavy.

Though I could see how that could be annoying.


You still smash trees and whatnot, you just don’t get ‘stuck’ on them. Being able to leap through a tree and smash a Hunter is MUCH better then trying to smash a hunter but a branch stopped you.


Thank you for making this poll. This is really helpful info for us. :grinning:


I really love how I don’t have problems with random bits of scenery blocking stuff like leaps or critical rock throws, so the brush clearing is really nice. Map design wise, I can’t really say, since I’m still currently warming up to them :smiley_cat: