Poll elite sunny vs. elite bucket


Which looks better?


-Bucket’s Elite Skin

-Sunny’s Elite Skin

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Wish Sunny’s had more gold, especially the drone. So my vote goes for Bucket. :bucket_salute:



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  • bucket is the best
  • sunny

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here ya go.


Gotta go bucket. I love the detail on the sentry gun with the bits of rust. Plus I don’t think @Buckets_Sentry_Gun would forgive me if I said sunny. :smile:



Bucket, no hard feelings sunny but bucket’s looks better


Bucket imo.


Needs more gold on Sunny’s equipment. Like @Jedi_Warrior said, the rust textures make it look a lot more detailed/realistic


I’d vote sunny, but there just isn’t enough gold there


I finally got Elite with Sunny and I have to say I like hers over Bucket’s. It’s definitely one of my fav Elite Skins with EMET’s being the worse IMO.



I don’t like any of Sunny’s skins. The whole arm brace is unpainted and just throws it off.


That pic is so creepy, love it!


I agree, Bucket’s rust makes it look more realistic than Sunny’s.