[POLL] Elder Kraken Squishiness


So, I feel like making a thread on this certain topic (well a different thread) but before I do so I’d like to know what the popular opinion is on the Elder Kraken’s squishiness.
Personally I feel he takes a lot of damage and gets destroyed rather easily (i.e he’s very squishy). Not sure if it’s because I haven’t fully learned all his niches yet or if it’s just because grounded Kraken is kalamari to me but I’d like to know everyone’s thoughts.

  • I agree, Elder Kraken is rather squishy.
  • I disagree, I think Elder Kraken doesn’t take too much damage.

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I’d love to know everyone’s opinions so tell me why or why not you agree below as it will influence a plausible thread I may make.

Elder Kraken Hitboxes

If there would be more options than just yes or no I would vote for something in the middle, like “a bit”. But with those two options I voted for no.
He is still pretty mobile in an arena and doesn’t have to stand still while casting abilities. For example, you can hit the button for lightning strike and then already move somewhere else or target someone else while LS hasn’t even come down yet.
As long as you keep moving, you shouldn’t take more damage than goliath.

However, if there is a hunter with deployables like Markov or Bucket, then he definitely takes too much damage, as he has no ability to get rid of them.


He’s an assassin. Deals a tonne of damage, and takes the same amount. No issues here.


I wouldn’t say he’s an assassin by any means. He has no assassin aspects about him; yes he deals a lot of damage and takes a ton but that doesn’t mean he’s an assassin nor do I think that is how he should play in my opinion.

Wraith is the supposed to be assassin, he’s supposed to be more like a brawler but I feel he fails in this aspect.


I think Elder Kraken is the Cabot of the Monsters :smiley:


His mobility sucks … hunter team can stay on elder the whole game

He receive a huge amount of damage …


I’m not sure exactly what that means. It sounds like a criticism but that dang smiley is so deceptive.


I disagree, if he is a bit too squishy then he is squishy, same way the other way.

I think the word he was looking for was glass cannon.

I think the reason he takes a lot of damage is because people play him like Goliath in combat and Kraken while running.

Once people start to figure out his proper playstyle, like the sweetspot you want to be in where you deal optimal damage while recive a relatve minimum.

One last advice is that you must remember to zig zag as long as you are flying, even while trying to use your basic attacks. People keep forgetting that, thinking it doesn’t matter when they are so close/afraid to miss and break the stunlock.


umm, I think like 10% too much dmg, but not really that much of an issue. But I do have a question, is it by design that he can’t destroy deployable with his Chain Lightning?


Last time i used chain lightning it also destroyed Maggie harpoons.


Looking at Health and Armor it is the same as Goliath. So if he takes to much damage, it should be a hitbox issue.
But a rather think that the problem is that he doesnt have the same damage output as Goliath which makes him suffer more damage for dealing the same amount. Especially CL needs some serious damage buff, plus more range at 1 point, the radius is barely bigger than krakens hitbox itself.


Umm, can someone explain this then?

also, that knockback is annoying, that can’t be intended!


I really dont know how this can happen more than with Kraken. EK’s flight speed is 10m/s while Kraken’s is 9m/s. In combat, when the Hunters shoot him from 60 m behind, his traversals also recharge faster.
The only thing that might be responsible for this is the take-off-angle which seems lower with EK.


In that video that CL does seem to destroy harpoon traps (last CL), but only if it is within the first radius which is rather small.

  • Chain Lightning needs to be able to destroy things in a good sphere around Elder Kraken, instead of pretty much only below him like it currently does.
    Everything above his waist is ignored entirely during the ability which makes no sense for a Kraken variant that’s supposed to still be effective while grounded.

  • His mobility only sucks because he started as a direct copy-paste from Kraken and was then modified from there. Both Kraken and Elder Kraken lack mobility and receive insane amounts of chip damage, but it’s just more noticeable with Elder Kraken because he’s not an OP cunt.
    For in combat, I really don’t know what people are complaining about regarding mobility. Aim a little upwards during traversals, find an effective range… you can still be in the air for quite a long time.

  • Too squishy? I’m sorry. I agree that Elder Kraken needs some tiny buffs in the same aspects that Kraken needs them once he’s nerfed in his damage department, but squishy is not something I consider one of his weaknesses. The time he can spend fighting mostly in the air and sometimes on the ground gives him just the right duration for fighting after which he needs to flee.
    Giving him more health and armor than Goliath is certainly not an enjoyable thought.
    I had to vote no.


Kraken uses hills and buildings/cliffs to gain distance on hunters, which he can do due to his flight height. EK has a lower flight height, drops faster, and gains less lift from a traversal (especially the inital one). This means if he tries to move up sloped terrain, he can easily hit the ground and end up running. Then when trying to gain lift again, he won’t get enough lift and will collide with the sloped floor again. He spends a lot more time climbing (others monsters can get more of the length via a traversal, whereas EK has poor traversal burst, and will need to use at least 2 bursts to get good height).

EK drops faster due to CC too. Kraken has problems with stasis and Griffpoons, but EK suffers from those more, as well as by tranqs. Yes EK can regain stam faster when being shot at, but who says you need to shoot at him? If you want to really wreck him, you won’t shoot and will just keep on him, shooting only to take him off of food, and then dome when it’s back up.

Melees are important to outdamage the medics/support. EK needs to be upclose to deal melee damage (which is fair enough since he’s a ground based monster), however, unlike other monsters on the ground, he lacks a bursty traversal that will aid in dodging things like mortars. If he stays in the air too much, he loses out on the melee damage. If he comes down too long, he’ll be shredded, since he lacks any real form of burst in terms of movement. I think that’s what contributes to his “squishiness”.


I wouldn’t say he deals a ton of damage too be honest.Very weak monster


It means he is a glass cannon with high risk high rewards. He has huge burst but not great sustain. Like Cabot, the Elder Kraken often is an all in player.


EK is squishy because his traversal sucks.


So Behemoth, the most ground based monster, has a bursty traversal? Nah. Even Gorgon with her delay before movement has a harder time than Elder Kraken to dodge mortars.