[POLL] Dome time 3seconds

Do we want the dome activation time to be 3 seconds?
It will be nice compromis between 1 second and 5 as it used to be

  • Yes
  • No

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I really wish we’d leave enough time for monsters to learn to keep better distances before complaining about dome times. You used to be able to be 20m away from a trapper while moving to still escape the dome, now it’s more like 50m. Just use smell better and play a less risky game.


I voted no. Most I’m willing to go (as a monster/hunter player) is 2.5 seconds. No need for 3 second domes. -.-


Two seconds would be fine IMO.


No. I’m a monster main, sometimes hunter and its far to easy to dodge a dome if it’s not instant.

All I dont like much about new dome time is the "easy mode " for hunters . ( I am a hunter player ).
5 seconds was bit much 3 is perfect IMO

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I play hunter, a lot more than Monster, and I do feel like the dome time is unfair.
So having a little increase should be good O.O

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I never once felt it was unfair as a monster thus far. o.O
What’s up with everyone? O.o


Well… When you see that stage one Bob looking around thinking:
Dafudge? O.O”

Maybe then you would think: “Yeah…

If you get what I mean >.<

I’m a Silver 4 Behemoth right now. o.o

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And I’m Bronze Destroyer Hunter ;-;

Highest I was, was Silver 3 on Hank.

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Highest I went was Silver Skilled >.<

But yeah, majority of monsters I’ve fought aren’t to fond of the new dome time O.O

As both a monster and hunter player I’ve never felt the new dome time was unfair. If you’re using smell it shouldn’t be that big a surprise if you get domed. This makes domes much more consistent, no more having to be on top of the monster to make sure they stay inside.

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I’m happy with where the dome time is at now.
I enjoy engaging the hunters throughout the game a lot more enjoyable than before.
If you don’t like being domed, I’d recommend smell range or stamina regen, which can normally ensure an Evolve to stage 2 without being domed.

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If the dome time get increased then the monsters should lose their ability to traversal spam around taking no health damage.

What is that? You don’t want that?

Cool, the dome stays then.

The old dome timeof 5 seconds was absolutely fine. It meant the trapper had to endanger themselves to make sure they’d get the dome on the monster. It meant edge domes were glorious moments, and generally the trapper required more skill to play. The fact they made it instant removed all skill from the trapper and all chance of escape from the monster. They basically turned Hunt into Arena.

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Set it to 3 sec or 2 seconds yes! 1 second it WAY to fast and no fun for Monster AND Hunters! Its no fun for me playing as trapper and i get the monster always for 100% if im near by it … and no fun to get domed as a monster every time trapper has found me …

I like the length of the new dome, but i also like turning around to see that they just varsity missed me after a leap. 2 seconds should be fine for that. Anymore and tapers will have to be closer to the monster again

I too think that one second domes are way to fast, their needs to be a little wiggle room as to make the trapper job take skill,

I think that 2.5-3 seconds is fair not enough time for a wraith to traversal out, if your right on top of them.