(Poll) Do you support this idea?

So the matchmaking…

Maybe we should draw a line between mixing casual with competitive into a single game mode. So how could we make Evolve more fun for all?

How about a ranked matchmaking and a casual matchmaking system?

So ya wanna play Evolve without having to worry about your rank? Wanna play a game to practice up for ranked? Well go play Casual Mode.

#Casual Mode#

-has own K/D leaderboard with stats like Full Rounds Played, Wins, Losses, etc.

-No Rank display, only level display

-Elite Wildlife removed

-get randomly matched with other players.

#Ranked Mode#

-has its own leaderboards that includes Kills, Deaths, Wins, Losses, etc.

-Elite Wildlife Removed

-Rank display next to badge

-get placed into match with current matchmaking

@Sentry_Gun Make a poll please :thumbsup:

Don’t wanna split the low playerbase even lower. :confused:

  • Yes, we should split the modes
  • No, don’t do it
  • I don’t care

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If we had a larger player base, this would be perfect so maybe if the free weekend is amazingly successful. But with the player base we have now? wait times would be amazingly long in the less popular modes, like evac is now


True but i get tired of trying to play with terrible people and I always get “determining” ranks that have no idea of whats going on yesterday i played with a Hyde against a wraith and our medic and trapper out damaged our assault because he could only use his mini gun

Ranked mode is the same as Hunt. It’s suppose to match you up against hunters/monster your skill level. It was never to be as but it’s seen as competitive because of the Ranks.

I know that will suck, but I think it’ll appeal to new players and this help increase the player count. I don’t know it’ll actually work, but I think it’s worth a try. Plus it makes it so you don’t have to always stress over your rank whenever you just want to play with some ransoms. You can play and practice to play in ranked mode.

Yeah… But splitting the playerbase up even more means you’re gonna encounter those lowbies on either side, it means longer wait times, it means people stealing roles either way so if you’ve got 2 people wanting to play monster you’re gonna have to wait your turn, eeeh… It’s not a smart move no matter how you look at it imo.

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You can make a poll on mobile.

You can but the mobile site is clunky and it’s a pain

that one person who voted yes

Who did that!?
I know it was one of you who chose Yes

The original casual mode didn’t attract extra players. Even if it did it wouldn’t attract enough to make splitting the player base plausible.

Disagree, don’t think it’d work… We have people who play in arena, probably in evac, probably in customs, and definitely in hunt. I don’t think it’s worth a try, it’s just gonna kill the game even harder and on top of that we’re already having matchmaking issues across all platforms.

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I agree it would be nice but the undeniable truth is splitting the community up like that will make finding a match very very hard on either competitive or casual. :frowning:


Do you think that the matchmaking problem is due to the system trying to find an equally or near equally skilled opponent(s)?

I don’t know what causes it. There’s a few problems right now and it’s more than likely trying to match you with ranks close to you.
I know I don’t have much trouble on monster side because I’m silver 1- that’s around average rank for Hunters and monsters, like… Bronze 4-5 and Silver 1-2 are the highest amount of players. The first game might be hard to find but once you’re in the queue after your next match it’s not much of a biggy. Same goes for if you’re queueing as a stack of hunters.

Oh I forgot to mention. In casual you you randomly matched for a quick game. You’re paired up with whoever is searching. No restrictions. I need to type that in haha

What do you have against Elite Wildlife?

They’re too fabulous! They must be taken out for the balance! xD