[POLL] Do Consoles need their own balance patches?


So what do you think guys ?

  • Yes
  • No

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To my mind they need it as there ar esome characters we can’t play efficiently on consoles compared to PC (Slim and Parnell especially)


I think this would just take more time to release patches since now they’d be doing more internal testing. Platform parity is really the way to go. At least for now.


I voted yes cause a lot of people can not aim with a gamepad. Keep in mind that this still is a big thing what makes your aim mega sluggish on console:


Yes, defiantly yes…as someone who just moved over to pc from console the difference is quite telling.
I’m a monster player so I will stick to that for my examples…
Kraken- I am startin to see why so many ppl complain about him now that I am on pc, he is really strong on pc whereas ob console he is close to being the weakest (imo) I’m not really sure why bit it feels like it’s because of the aiming is aallot easier* on pc(*more responsive)

Goliath- another monster I feel is better on pc as his rock throw is stupid hard to aim on console

Wraith-strangely feels weaker on pc. The “hitbox”(?) For the abduct feels alot smaller on pc and requires a lot more precise aiming also the heavy attacks are just odd.

Bob-just as weak on pc, nothing will save this monster

Gorgon-again weaker on pc can’t really put my finger on why though

Here’s where it gets really strange…

Meteor- weaker on pc…yep I don’t get it either?

I should note that obviously this is all down to personal experience and perhaps my playstyle has altered with playing on pc.

Final note- please fix the keyboard and mouse controls QQ


What are you finding wrong with them, out of interest?


I’ll admit that the aiming is a bit sluggish and i’m no where near as accurate on Evolve as I am on, say CoD, but I don’t think we need separate patches. It would just be too much work.


I don’t think so. There are many ways for players to use controllers on PC and keyboard mouse on consoles that there would be an even more divisive line between good players using certain control schemes over others.


The PC version should be worked around mouse & keyboard only.

Consoles versions should be worked around gamepad only.

If people want to use a controller on PC and be on a disadvantage then it’s their choice… There is no official keyboard/mouse on consoles, just 3rd party devices that allows it (more or less).


Which is why those on console that use Mouse and Keyboard would be at an even greater advantage. Tech has come a good way and there are some really solid Mouse + Keyboard devices out there with little noticeable input lag. If you believe that there is a difference between Mouse and Keyboard users (Which is the only reason I can think that consoles need different patches than PC) then this just exacerbates the issue.


@MaddCow makes a good point.


No thankyou. This community is already extremely nitpicky and whiny over the tiniest balance issues(love you guys). We don’t need more arguing over how the console and PC specs and stats should be.

Besides, I’m a console monster hunter player and I’m happy.


I play console more than PC because of crap PC, but I think the balance is just fine, in terms of how they compare. PC tends to require more skill to play, and I can keep up using a gamepad, when I can manage a framarate higher than ~9.


Except Evolve doesn’t have keyboard and mouse compatibility on console. Right now all we can do is use it on our dashboards. That’s it.


I thought PS4 had KB/M compatability?


It does, but the games themselves have to be keyboard and mouse compatible as well.


Coulda sworn waaaaaay back @MaddCow had played on PS4 with a keyboard and mouse in a tournament but I might be remembering wrong… Or something… idk…
burrows head into chest


Only for some. There are some, fairly easy to do I might add, 3rd party hardware that can be used for any game because it changes the input/output via remapping and not through in game mapping.


Nope, I tried playing on the PS4 and kept dying in the tutorial as monster. I couldn’t get into the controller so I stopped trying :stuck_out_tongue:


Ohh. Righto. :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s a problem with 3rd party anything though, the PS4 won’t recognize it as a compatible device or system, it will see it as a “hack”.