Poll: Creating a Monster SKILLSHOT ATTACK

  • Acid Blast
  • Forceful Stinger
  • Slingshot Crash
  • Viral Bomb

It’s that time again! Time to continue working on our community-created monster from the thread:

The first few steps of the process have been decided…the monster’s basic archetype will fall under Parasite/Necromancer. The elements it will utilize include Bacteria/Plague, Acid, and Fungus. The traversal mobility will be done by grappling. Now, before we get down to the looks of the monster, we will focus on the attack tree. So far we have Spore Cloud (AOE to be renamed later) and Vorpal Blade (Knockback) as attacks. Next will be the Skillshot attack. Try to keep in mind the former attacks to work in conjunction with one of the skillshot attacks from the above list before voting (see below for a reminder of the AOE and Knockback attacks). This way, future attacks can build off of and synergize with the attacks previously voted on, so they all will work together to form a more coherent monstrosity.

Please read below the descriptions of the various attacks before voting. If you have questions, please feel free to ask prior to voting. The poll will be open until Friday of next week so there is plenty of time. Below these described choices is the reminder of the attacks that have already been voting on, for your reading convenience.

Acid blast:

Fires a beam of pressurized acid at a target damaging them. Acid weakens the targets defenses causing them to take more damage for a short period of time like Cabot’s amplifier gun.

Forceful Stinger:

A large lance-like spike which upon impact with the ground arms for a second or two, then shatters causing a minor amount of damage, but causes a powerful slowing effect (being showered in shrapnel doesn’t help you run). Should your aim be true and hit a Hunter. Then the stinger will pierce said Hunter causing a nasty hit of damage and pins them to the environment for a few seconds.

Slingshot Crash:

The monster slams its tentacles (arms, webs, etc.) into the ground, leans back, then propels itself forward like a slingshot. This would be a traversal ability. The monster would travel a long distance at high speeds and low altitudes in order to deal massive damage (after a brief wind-up). To prevent spamming, a lengthy cooldown will be put on it. Will be good for engaging or disengaging, as landing also causes damage and knockback. Also, a hunter hit by this mid-flight will be carried with the monster to the landing point. Leveling this up increases damage and, either travel distance or area of damage.

Viral Bomb:

The monster throws a parasite onto the hunters or wildlife, that does small damage on impact, but then cause a small explosion to heavily damage the hunter, and knockback any hunter in the area. Wildlife just take damage. Adding points increases the damage and the size of the explosion. This prevents players from grouping up and allows for the monster to single out targets while they fight a different target.

Reminder of attacks already voted on:
Spore Cloud: It spits out fungus orbs that float in the air and create a large cloud of spores. They are deployed like how you would with Abe’s stasis grenades, allowing for several clouds to be placed high and low. The lower visibility will make it harder for the hunters to predict its attacks. The cloud will also have various effects to help give the monster an advantage in combat. The effects will be determined later to provide good synergy with its other future abilities.
Example of possible effects are:
Hunter: slower cooldown and/or reload, plus damage over time
Wildlife: infects them, causing them to actively target hunters,
and/or possibly reviving wildlife if recently killed. (The revival does not work if they have begun to decay or been eaten. Also the revival only works once, so once they die again they instantly decay.)

Vorpal Blade: Creates a blade of concentrated bacteria/pestilence “let’s call it entropic matter”, and slashes the area directly in front of it in a wide arc. This also launches a shockwave forward a short distance (only a few feet, like you see in the legend of Zelda games), knocking back hunters. This attack also has the side effect of infecting a victim causing damage over time for a short period. I see this as our monster’s most lethal ability though it is a close range move and will probably have a longer cooldown.


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There does appear to be an issue running polls right now since the site updated. Feel free to leave your vote below as a comment. If you do, just write the name of the ability. If you have questions about an ability or want to discuss it, that is fine…but I will only accept votes for an ability if it’s written in its own comment.


Slingshot Crash!


Viral Bomb :stuck_out_tongue:


Viral Bomb


Viral bomb


Acid Blast.


Spore Cloud

For the win


Slingshot Crash.


I dunno… No offense, but none of these feels like skillshot abilities. When I think of a skillshot, I think of a precise attack with an instant effect.

If I have to pick I would say Forceful Stinger, because it’s the closest thing. It shouldn’t be too much of a reward if you miss, tough. It should be a skill some people don’t want to spend any points in because they are not confident enough with their aim, like Abduct and Rock Throw…


Acid Blast!! :smiley:


Doesn’t sound too much like an Orrion Terrorsaur… :cry:


Slingshot Crash! FTW!


Forceful stinger or viral bomb hmmmm.


Oh what if the monster rolled the viral ball across the ground and it leaves a trail of aggressive bug things. Then explodes on a second tap of the key.


Viral bomb


Anyone else get the feeling we’re creating the 6th/7th monster without our knowing.
Just me?
Okay. Then Viral Bomb


I like the forceful stinger.


Slingshot Crash.