Poll: Creating a Monster LAST ATTACK ABILITY

Viral Bomb is losing!
Come on guys, we need an ability to cause chaos.
Acid Blast is just a damage buff.
Viral Bomb is a sticky bomb! And you launch multiple sticky bombs!

Sticky Bombs

So many choices, but Viral Bomb sounds like Banshee Mines, Acid Blast sounds like Flame Breath, and Fungal Shield sounds like a combination of Rock Wall and Vortex.

Vileplume I choose you

Yeah, I thought Acid blast wasn’t gonna do well at all just for this reason, but I guess time makes fools of us all.
Still mulling between Viral Overload and Noxious Flower.

Sorry, not sure why that happened…I fixed the link now in the OP so you can read up on the monster so far. Here is the link also:

I just voted and can see the polls…I believe we have a wide spread of votes and after all, we do have a lot of abilities here. If the voting remains pretty close we will probably need to do a second round of voting among top 3 choices. Right now Acid Blast seems to be in the lead.

Exactly this. List is a bit lengthy at the moment. A second round of voting can get rid of stray votes.

Hope viral bomb wins, really want to plant a parasite on a canyon strider and herd it toward the hunters, they would it ignore the animal only to have it explode among them. Special Delivery! :smiling_imp:


I think I want to go with Noxious Flower now. I would love some hapless hunter to go running into the bushes or Dread Fog, only to be surrounded by set-up flower traps :smiling_imp:


Yay, I voted!

Guess people don’t like Viral Bomb as much as @Nemesis and I.
Hey, we should make a monster togeather once this one is done! Take some of our old ideas and make a new monster!

Don’t worry, I think it will be getting another chance. The top ideas will go on into a second poll while the less popular ones will be thrown into oblivion, to be forgotten forever (or at least that’s what I’m being lead to believe).

Also, last chance to vote. Voting ends tomorrow.

Acid Blast just seems too much like another Fire Breath, just without the DOT. It sounds good in concept, but it loses viability against a moving target. I’m all for turrets, though sticky bombs are good too. Also it’s a necromancer type monste. I’ve played necromancer on a lot of rpgs and necromancer types tend to be lacking in defense, meaning, if the monster sticks with the traditional arctype, getting in close would be a bad idea.

Acid blast is more of a long range beam projectile, due to it being pressurised.

Poll is closed, sorry for the delay but have been away due to family issues. I will be taking the top 3 abilities and formulating a secondary vote on them probably monday or tuesday.

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It would still cause a movement impediment while in use, and I don’t know of many hunters that would willingly sit still to let you make effective use of it. At best you might be able to tag one or more hunters before they maneuver into hard to hit positions and start hitting you while you’re still spewing. The only real effective use I see for it is dealing with wildlife like Tyrants

Not sure if im unable to vote here or if i pressed a vote on accident and didnt realize but my vote is twoards the stinger. Seems like it would be fun to pin a hunter and knock the others away only to follow up with a cloud. Seems like a great way to stop those pesky hunters from fleeing before the monsters awesomeness as well. Pin a laz down and sling yourself ontop of your prey.

Helps if i see the poll closed at the very bottom too ^.^

New poll to decide the last ability Here