Poll: Creating a Monster LAST ATTACK ABILITY

  • Noxious Flower
  • Viral Bomb
  • Acid Blast
  • Viral Overload
  • Forceful Stinger
  • Fungus Ring
  • Fungal Shield

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The long awaited poll for the last attack ability of our community-created monster is now live! To catch up if you are new to this process, check out the main thread to see where we are with our monster:

Please keep in mind that we want the new ability to work alongside the 3 formerly voted on abilities, which you can find listed in the main thread. See the list below of descriptions of the abilities to be voted on above. Also keep in mind that the ability names can change over time…just focus on the ability itself. After this attack is decided we can start the much-heated debates on monster appearance!

This vote will run until Next Friday the 29th aprox. midnight CST.

Noxious Flower: Deployable fungal turrets that attack enemies and cause increased damage on targets. A fungal pod is thrown forward and falls towards the ground. When it lands, if an enemy wanders too close, it swiftly blooms into a flower (I imagine it to be a red-orange-ish, star-shaped flower as to draw attention). After a brief hesitation, the flower shoots corrosive barbs (or an acidic adhesive) at the enemy. The barbs (or acid) will deal low-to-mid damage, and cause that target to take increased incoming damage. These are deployables, can have 5 at once, and can be destroyed.

Viral Bomb: Spits out multiple parasites that cover a large area, stick to surfaces/wildlife, and explode if a hunter gets too close. It will also knockback hunters near the explosion. If a parasite attaches to someone it will explode and the hunters close by will also take damage. The monster throws a parasite onto the hunters or wildlife, that does small damage on impact, but then cause an explosion to heavily damage the hunter it attached to, and knockback any hunter in the area. Wildlife just take damage. Adding points increases the damage and the size of the explosion. This prevents players from grouping up and allows for the monster to single out targets while they fight a different target.

Acid Blast: A skillshot that fires a continuous pressurized acid stream. Causes increased damage on the target, possibly obscured vision for brief timeframe. Acid weakens the targets defenses causing them to take more damage for a short period of time like Cabot’s amplifier gun.

Viral Overload: temporarily replaces all abilities with powered-up versions of the same abilities. Using this ability replaces all learned abilities with new ones (called Viral Fog, Viral Blade, Viral Crash, and Viral Explosion) (so if you didn’t get Vorpal Blade, you can’t use Viral Blade). The next ability used will end Viral Overload, and restore all learned non-viral abilities. Viral Fog will deal much higher DoT damage to the target, Viral Blade will leave an area of Dread Fog in front of it, Viral Crash will emit Dread Fog upon landing, and Viral Explosion will blast Dread Fog from all around it, hiding itself in the fog and knocking back all hunters.

Forceful Stinger: fires a stinger (or multiple stingers) that cover an area and explode, causing knockback and extra damage if a hunter is directly hit with a stinger/possibly temporarily pinned. Multiple stingers can be fired from the monster. Deals a moderate amount of damage.

Fungus Ring: Orbs revolve around the monster. Hones in on anything that gets too close. A second cast of this ability causes the orbs to orbit around the target location and then explode after a set time. Visual effect: player is covered in spores, which is both visible on the HUD and from other players perspectives. Cloak reveal: any cloaked hunters are visible because of the spores. Jetpack disable: jetpacks are completely disabled for a short time.

Fungal Shield: Blocks all incoming damage from that direction for the duration it is held, then the monster pushes the shield at the target with violet force. The target(s), if hit, will take the incurred damage collected from the shield up to a set amount.


Go Viral Bomb!

Want Noxious Flower, but Viral Overload is also awesome.

Nothing says chaos like a sticky bomb. Going for viral bomb. Also @SledgePainter didn’t we agree that viral overload would make it so that you would never need to use the real dread fog. Kinda confused why it was included.

Noxious Flower Is soooo my style!

Can’t wait for this poll to be over. I am working on some good thumbnails of possible designs as we speak. It’s going to be good. :smiley:

B-but Viral Bomb, and Noxious Flower :’( I don’t like decisions.


Viral Overload. Basically you temporarily get god versions of you other moves?

**** YES.

The link in the original post doesn’t link to anything. Can we have a link to whatever thread has a pic or design of said monster? It sounds fantastic.

It’s in the top right hand corner of the OP (help create a monster).

Hum, why is it a reply???

arggg anyway…

Creating more fog is hardly what i call God version, a trap or a projectile seems more preferable.

Ask yourself this, what appeals to you more turrets or sticky bombs

Going with Acid Blast since it’s closest to Caustic Discharge ^^

I didn’t realize we had finalized 3 moves already!!! That’s amazing!!! When I click the link though, it says the page no longer exists, to the new monster info. I would love to see it. Do I have to be a regular or something?

Just use the search and type, Help Create a Monster

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Viral Bomb is losing!
Come on guys, we need an ability to cause chaos.
Acid Blast is just a damage buff.
Viral Bomb is a sticky bomb! And you launch multiple sticky bombs!

Sticky Bombs

So many choices, but Viral Bomb sounds like Banshee Mines, Acid Blast sounds like Flame Breath, and Fungal Shield sounds like a combination of Rock Wall and Vortex.

Vileplume I choose you

Yeah, I thought Acid blast wasn’t gonna do well at all just for this reason, but I guess time makes fools of us all.
Still mulling between Viral Overload and Noxious Flower.