Poll: Creating a Monster LAST ATTACK ABILITY Prt2

There we go. Much cleaner.
And Viral Bomb is tied for 1st!

are you gonna feel bad when they don’t make your monster? are you gonna hate trs for not making your monster?

hahahaha! :smile:
… no.

I head into this project with the thought that they will not create it. I won’t be let down if they don’t. If they do, I will be thrilled of course. That would be awesome and a pleasant surprise! We shouldn’t expect that they will. But even if they agree to actually make it, they will make changes so it won’t be 100% the creation we came up with anyway. These are more of a guidelines if they decided to toy with some of the community ideas.

The community and TRS actually share a lot of ideas. Our first creation was a turtle-ish monster that was scrapped mid-way through the project due to the unveiling of behemoth, which shared a LOT of similarities with what we had originally worked on. I would not be surprised if what we are working on now might have similarities to monster 5.

The developers are actually bound by contractual obligations not to read these types threads, so it is not like they are already drawing ideas from us…it’s more like great gaming minds think alike. They want what we want. Once we finish up our beastie we will formally present it to TRS, copyright free for their use, should they choose to use any parts of it.


Hey on your main page for the monster creation, the final abilitys link is to an older post that says the poll was closed already. Might want to fix for others.

Ah, I fixed it now, thank you. We had a first poll which closed, and this is the clincher for the last ability.

How long does this run till?

Friday I believe.

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I dont know what to vote cause I dont know what the monster will be
Is this for all monsters?

Not at all.

You can find the description of the monster here.

It’s a community project. ^^

This is gonna be a real close one when it closes.

I was thinking exactly that. Probably the closest any poll has come so far. I can only hope viral overload takes it.

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The next polls are gonna be close too…dealing with monster appearances, heh.

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What are we going to base appearance on? Animals that exist as is now (like goliath is an ape, kraken is a squid, etc), or is it gonna be more like a vague body type (a skeletal, gaunt figure versus a large, bulbous mass)?

Unsure, buy definitely going to work with similar species we know, then maybe hybrid ideas on top favorites of those.

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This may not be the thread to discuss this in… but is this really a good idea? I mean, I definitely think the appearance should be based on archetype, element and abilities… But I don’t think we should limit ourselves by having the monster based on specific creatures.

I’m not sure we should have a poll for the appearance as that would be long winded. Generally how it’s done we would pick from a variety of thumbnails and silhouettes. Then we decide on more specific details such as the head, arms, legs, tail, body features and skin textures. If we break it all down into polls it’s going to take a VERY LONG TIME. I’m pretty sure that at this point we can all come to a general agreement on the thread, without having resort to polls. If involving the rest of the community is your concern, then they can give their input on the thread. If they don’t want to bother learning what’s going on, then obviously they don’t care enough about it.

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The poll is closed, with Viral Overload as the winner.

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Yay! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :joy: :birthday: :bangbang:

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