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With these new maps it would be nice to have a way to reliably get to them with a map vote. What do you all think?


I can’t think for a single reason that this is not implemented.


In MWO, some of the community whined their heads off when this was implemented. :\ Something about not being able to play the maps that they liked but everyone else hated.


This isnt MWO… Although I dont really know what MWO is.


Mechwarrior online
browse here for butt-hurt: http://mwomercs.com/forums/


Sounds like the maps in question were pretty shitty then.


Indeed. Search “Terra therma” on the MWO forums for many examples of serious QQ.


As it stands now. I still cant play the new map because random.


Thats because scrubs only vote sniper maps :slight_smile: