Poll: Cooldown timers on abilities

  • Want this \would use this
  • Don’t want this \wouldnt use this

Poll here!! http://www.reddit.com/r/EvolveGame/comments/2ntali/poll_numeric_timers_for_abilities_vote/

Cooldown Timers on abilities?

Going to still vote, however, the TRS forums are a very small minority as a heads up :slight_smile:


Hmm. Thats a very good point. Share the link on evolve FB page for a larger sample size! :wink:


Maybe if the poll has a few thousand votes you can start talking about it :slight_smile:


Or at the very least several hundred, not sure how much weight this poll will hold.


I think it would be skewed towards NOT having it in the game as most people on the forums are big followers and wouldn’t want change for the sake of having change. It’s the people who don’t know much about the game that need to be targeted, but that is extremely hard to setup before a game is actually released.


Good idea, but I’m not sure how open they are to doing that. They seem to reserve the FB page for important updates or promotional materials.


The results currently aren’t particularly accurate, due to a small and possibly biased sample, but it’s currently around 42% would use the feature, which I would say makes it justifiable as a feature. Obviously a larger sample would be necessary for more accurate results, but as long as it doesn’t have any detrimental repercussions on players who don’t use it, this seems like a valid suggestion


According to that philosophy 100% of the people at my work are the same religion. Obviously, the whole world isn’t the same. Sample size means a lot. Anything without at least 5 digits is really, really small in the long run. However, it is good to note that the boards have a relatively even approach.


Regardless of the fact that it means nothing, as claimed by your previous statement? :stuck_out_tongue: A larger sample increases the confidence interval, significantly so I would agree that this poll may mean very little, although I would not go as far as to say “According to that philosophy 100% of the people at my work are the same religion.”
Either way, I doubt that there will be any poll taken on a larger scale. It’ll probably be implemented in a patch, and will stay unless a large amount of people complained. I was just interested to see what people on the forums thought of the idea (which I understand does not give an accurate overview of the feelings of the entire evolve community)


Btw you should have made the poll longer. Now you just took 2 answers and put them into one, twice :slight_smile:


I merely mentioned that we have roughly the same vocal amount of players on the board, that is all :slight_smile:


Don’t understand?

  1. Want it
  2. I’ll use it if they add it but don’t care if they don’t
  3. I won’t use it but don’t care if it’s on the bottom.
  4. Don’t want it.

You put 1+2 into your first and 3+4 into your second :slight_smile:


Unable to change. Could a moderator please change the options to those listed above? @Brandini @SlinkyGuy @Alex_Versnel


After 5 minutes of creating a poll you can’t change it -.- Limitations of the programming code used here.


Oh well, not like the poll was going to be ‘big’ anyways xD


“Poll options cannot be modified after the first five minutes. Contact a moderator if you need to change them”


They can’t change anything either :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow? Really. OK then.

If this poll goes viral… :stuck_out_tongue: