Poll: Communtiy Made Monster Element Poll


Over on the Get inVolved Help Create a Future Monster! topic, we are talking about a way to make a turtle monster for this game. We have currently decided to make this new monster a tank and soak up damage. At the moment we need some help deciding what element this monster should be, (Like how Goliath is fire and Kraken is lightning). We have been narrowing it down to a few elements and we wanted to create a poll so that the entire community can vote.

  1. Crystal
  2. Rock
  3. Water
  4. Poison/Venom
  5. Steam
  6. Other (Please state what element you would want it to be.
    If a mod could make this into an actual poll it would be nice.

Get inVOLVED Help Create a Future Monster!

theres a way to create polls anyone can do so…there was a thread about it somewhere on here…try again. also poison/venom is not the same as the explosive slime i suggested before :slight_smile: so add that


That is why there is a 6th other space. Just suggest an element and I will add it to the list of votes.


Steam made me think of Valve rather than, well, steam. That’s probably bad.

I highly doubt that Gabe would be the 3rd monster though.

@kyronr600 explosive slime, Brachydios? :smiley:

My vote is for water.


It would be kind of cool if a monster could dematerialize for a second to do like a short teleport rather than jumps or fly. Can’t do it if it’s harpooned/ in stasis. I don’t know. Would probably break the game if a monster could do a short teleport or dematerialize. Just the first thing I thought about with an element. Could do the same with the other elements as well. Especially steam/water.

Just a crazy idea lol.


Rock for the turtle.
Looking old and ancient too with idea of him taking damage. He could be something out of an old tomb in a jungle with carvings in his shell. Extremely old and powerful since turtles can have an incredible life span. Could be from a tribe that Maggie came from.


Well remember, all of these monsters were created by humans in a lab, that they then escaped from and then started to infest the planet. Also remember guys, it has to me an element that would help it be a tank. Don’t suggest something that would make it quick and nimble or anything like that.


I think this tells you how do do it


DLC can spanned anywhere really if TRS wanted to do so.


Yes it can but we are trying to stay with the current lore at the moment and have these monster be created in a lab. Also @Magik_boom I have trie to change it but my laptop won’t let me edit my original topic at the moment so I will have to wait till tomarrow to change it. Thank you for sharing this either way.


First of all, I think water and steam should be the same thing

Secondly This was never said, ever. Lab creation has not been hinted or implied. Saying a good Idea should be tossed aside because of a guess is insane. Having it look like an old and ancient temple sounds visually interesting and if the lab creation or any other guess that makes it unlikely is true, it can be easily handwaved.

Why don’t we just follow what we know in that these things are a mystery.

As for my vote, I’ll say Rock.


After reading through the thread and seeing designs I am a big fan of rocks/steam. I don’t necessarily think it should be 100% constrained to one element - as long as the move set feels cohesive and cool, I am happy!


Personally I’ve always favoured the idea of an alien race that adapts differently creating diverse variants of the species. Their is a conversation between Caira and Cabiot at the beginning of the Refining plant video that backs this up. As for element I kind of favour rock and lava. Or would lava have to be a separate element? My seconded choice would definitely be crystals.


I’ve tried changing this to a poll, but it isn’t letting me :frowning:


Okay I think that it should be primarily rock but as Golem evolves it changes to crystal. Like the scythes that have been drawn up on the main thread start off as rock but then evolve to crystals. Think that would be cool haha!


Yeah it won’t let me edit the original topic. I’m not sure what’s happening. Oh well, time to start counting up the current votes. I’ll just have to post them in the comments. :frowning:


I would say lava would have to be a different element since it is basically fire plus rock (not exactly but you know what I mean) but I’ll just add you as rock.


My vote goes to rock


I think you have to create the post like a poll and it gets ‘cemented’ within 5 minutes of being posted. (I created a poll once, but couldn’t modify or change it after a few minutes)


Yeah that’s right actually. Forgot that was a rule for polls.