[POLL] Character Masteries


So I’m curious to see just how many people have characters elited, and thus was the birth of this thread.
These are multiple choice polls so please select all that apply to you.


  • Goliath
  • Meteor Goliath
  • Kraken
  • Elder Kraken
  • Wraith
  • Behemoth
  • Gorgon
  • None of the above.

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  • Val
  • Rogue Val
  • Lazarus
  • Caira
  • Slim
  • Emet
  • None of the above.

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  • Hank
  • Tech Sgt. Hank
  • Bucket
  • Cabot
  • Sunny
  • Kala
  • None of the above.

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  • Maggie
  • Wasteland Maggie
  • Griffin
  • Abe
  • Crow
  • Jack
  • None of the above.

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  • Markov
  • Blitz Markov
  • Hyde
  • Parnell
  • Torvald
  • Lennox
  • None of the above.

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It’s too late now (5 minutes passed) but there should be an answer for all of the above for each category to have less skewed results?


CURSES! I felt I was forgetting something :disappointed_relieved:

Well, I’m going to sleep now, intrigued to see the new results come the morning.


Call me nerd but i elited ALL, Elder included.





Wouldn’t that take away valuable information from the individual character percentages? Like say you wanted to know how much of the population has elited Hyde, you’d have to take a sixth of the “Elited All” percentage and give it to Hyde.
Well, I guess how it is now you can’t really see what percentage of the population has elited all of a class, but it certainly doesn’t “skew results”.
Or maybe I’m not seeing it could you elaborate?

I know this sounds nitpicky but I actually am curious. It isn’t of the utmost importance just respond if you can lol.


Because if someone elited all assaults, or all monsters or all of everything, that wouldn’t be misconstrued with 1 person eliting just T1, Another person eliting just T2 etc… It’s create a sample group that separates individuals without changing the overall data.

For example, lets say 35 people vote. 10 vote to elite all. 5 Vote just T1, 5 Vote just T2, 5 Vote just T3, 5 Vote just T4, 5 vote just T5. (Same can be done with each ‘class/monster’. It will show 15 of all. Does this mean that 15 people elited all for that group, does it it mean 1 person elited 1 for every person that elites the other 4 etc… The largest ‘swing’ factor would be those who elite an entire class/monster subset or who elite everything. Those people skew the data more than anything else and would be considered statistic noise because it adds extra data points but in the end it would zero itself out in balance.


I didn’t realize you could select multiple options.

I have all my hunters elited. I just need to work on monsters now. Prepping for T2 variations too.


All I need to elite are Blitzkov and Rogue Val


I almost have all hunters elited! The trophy will finally be mine!!


I made one of these threads a month or two ago, and was about to create another one. I had a solution to the elited all option. Just had a seperate question for elited categories (all monsters, all assualts, all hunters, etc.) but still love seeing this data


Missing Elite on our 3 newest releases


I’ve elited them all but Kala. I’ve tried following the instructions on the threads, but it never seems to count any of it.


Rogue Val was pretty easy to Elite, though I am still not overly sure what her 3rd Medgun one entails. I know it is 28 life saving heals, but not exactly sure how it is counted.


Yea I’m still on the 2nd stars for her, I mainly use Caira as medic and reviving 20 team mates with the medgun is just too much of a hassle for me, let alone her 3rd star medgun.


Play a couple games of Rescue with either Movement Speed or Jetpack Recharge and you can easily get the revives, atleast I’m pretty sure the revives from survivors counted for me.


Oh wow, I’m surprised I didn’t think of doing that tbh :laughing:

I’m gonna do that now, thanks!


No problem. I can’t help you much on 3rd star Medgun, most of Mine were pretty fluky. I played a lot of capacity perk and as soon as someone is being targeted Start healing, and get close enough to get them in the healing field, and hope the Monster loses interest or finds a harder target. Also I find it works better solo, if you don’t mind doing it that way. 3rd star Poison gun is easy enough, just spam use it in between healing and ignore the rifle. The rifle is also pretty easy to score head shots on Kraken and gut shots on Behemoth.


Well people could just highlight all of them??


But in statistics having 1 data point in all categories that is linked together is the same as not having them and are just considered to be ‘noise’ in data extrapolation.