POLL: Bucket TROPHY System


You know, one thing that always strikes me as weird on Bucket is his UAV. First off, I absolutely LOVE tracking down the monster, getting that last minute tag off. But then I realize, Bucket’s UAV is next to useless in a dome during the fight! And, the term “UNMANNED Aerial Vehicle” comes to mind (Yes, I know Bucket is technically not a man). And, since turrets have such little health, they get downed incredibly easy. What I suggest, if such a notion could be entertained, is giving Bucket’s UAV a TROPHY system to destroy incoming projectiles. The features would be

  • Bucket’s head can be thrown using left-click, and placed using right click, like with Kala’s teleporters.
  • Placing the Head still keeps the “deploying head” timer, so as to not spam it whenever it goes down or you’re being focused (Learned from the Sunny hate that that was a big thing!)
  • The head will have a arm time like Blitzkov’s mines, where the longer it charges, the more projectiles it can destroy
  • The head has next to no health, and can be swiped with ease - but, this forces monsters to deal with it up close (preferably in a turret killbox)
  • The head now has a lengthy reload, but the tracking lasts just a mite longer
  • It can destroy 3 projectiles, based on stage. Example; It can block 3 Stage 1 rock throws, 2 Stage 2 rock throws, and 1 Stage 3 Rock Throw. On smaller projectiles (Like the accursed Banshee mines) it can destroy them after they are actively chasing a hunter.

This TROPHY system would help to make that “defensive safe zone” that Bucket’s game play is based around. IF it could be balanced, this would aim to help bring Bucket back to viability while giving him a unique play style that favors defense

  • Yes, I would like to see this in Evolve
  • No, I would not like to see this in Evolve
  • Not on OG Bucket, but maybe as an Adaptation

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I like this idea but my favourite was if you hit the monster with a tracking dart from your UAV it would buff your turrets more accurate + slightly increase range and rockets would home in on the monster.


That would be cool! I’ve seen that idea too (And one where the turrets would fly at the monster if he was tracked xD) I just wanted to add something new to the idea pool!


i actually did that idea on an old bucket adaptation idea. lol.


I remember it popping up on multiple occasions I don’t remember where I stole it from lol.


here we go. not exactly same but kinda similar


I’d change it so you press the 3 key but when in combat it’s instant/very fast. Then the camera for bucket is changed to his UAV then it works like a homing missile. This wouldn’t stray from his og UAV and will require great reaction timing and placement to block projectiles.

The projectiles include:
Goliaths rock
Gordon’s spider
Behemoths lava bombs (makes it spread when hit, not destroy completely.
Krakens mines