POLL: Brohemoth or Gorgon?


So who is better in high level play at hunt 2.0 ? Im good whit both but i dont know who is the better Choose against a skilled Team

  • big bad Behemoth
  • Creepy Spider-Ant Gorgon

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Can we please kill the spider ant thing. Let it die, just remove it from the poll. I’m not getting into that argument again.


Some body is Triggered…

Still love my beloved behemoth.


Not until “Miley” and “Twerking” dies.


Why the hell isn’t Gorgon ‘Miley The Twerking Gorgon’ in the poll? I am dissapointed in you kitty!!! very dissapointed. :expressionless:

I knew someone would mention Miley before me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You’ll never get away with this! NEVAH


Kitty me and Charly shall see to it that you’ll be punished by Mammoth Birds for this.


I see you didn’t capitalize “big bad”, but you capitalized “Creepy Spider-Ant”. One sided are we? :kappa:


THAT hasn’t died yet?!?!!?


No it has NOT!


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

######I quit.


Bookmark this link. :stuck_out_tongue: (click it and it should give you the web link in the browser bar.)


Behemoth is still shut down by well kiting Hunters far more than Gorgon is (that said, if Tongue Grab does manage to connect you’re pretty much fucked).

Gorgon’s still got the Web Snare -> Acid Spit combo going that, although easy, definitely stacks up a lot of damage and they recharge a lot faster than it takes a Medic to heal the targeted Hunter(s).

Also Gorgon can (wall)pounce mid combat for insanely high damage that is difficult to dodge due to its absurd hitboxes.
Behemoth however needs to pull off a good Rock Wall to pounce in the first place and what are the odds of the wall not having huge gaps in it?

If, however, Behemoth can reach stage 3, he has pretty much obtained a guaranteed win at that point on some maps like Barracks, Foundry, Refueling Tower and maybe Fusion Plant.
Not because he’s stronk, but because Rock Wall cheesing is retardedly effective at the Relay.


Why is it a png? Why? My phone hates pngs.


Gorgon for sure, I mean behemoth will muff you up the seconds you trip on a banana peel and get cornered but behemoth has a hard time getting a hunter in the position if they’re a good hunter, gorgons got the spider traps that ar hard to hit if hunter stay spread out like they should, also she does all the aoe DOT damage that can catch a hunter super off guard if they’re not paying attention heh


Neither are viable in High end play however they are my first and second fav monsters…go figure


Oh wow…


He said, mentioning it in the first post


What are you talking about?


You asked not to start on the spider ant thing as the first post in the thread.

It just made me chuckle a bit.