Poll: Bring Phantoms back to Hunt


Are you with adding deadly phantom to the game in Hunt as wildlife ??


  • Yes
  • No
  • yes only if they weren’t deadly

Look like a bat…

Poll: Add more wildlife to Hunt/Evolve

Yes. I think it is disappointing to have such an original creature to only be in Evac


That would be nice! But I don’t remember if they’re strong or just normal :sweat_smile:


Every predator (and some non-predators) on Shear are deadly, so if they add the phantoms in then they might as well be deadly! Lol




I’m all for Phantoms being added.


IIRC they were taken out of the normal game because they were too much of a nuisance for the hunters (much like those eels), and thus they only used them as a evacuation effect


No thanks. They are so annoying if you’re paying as Val or Cabot.

The number of reavers is already ridiculous. Maybe if they acted similar to trapjaws where they only show up rarely and stay in one general area.


They should be rare and less deadly if they decided they wanna add them into the game

Like to see them inside caves instead of reavers

Those bats were my fav wildlife … it’s very cool to see a variety

The only thing that can fly and hit you …


@chrono @Lmk running with both of your ideas, like trapjaws that spawn when you kill too much food, the phantoms would spawn when you eat too much glaciopod poop (inside caves or otherwise). it would get the cave dwelling monsters something to worry about instead of getting an easy stage up


I would love more variety. The Phantoms are cool, I’d like to see them in hunt, maybe only on specific maps like Broken Hill mine.

The more realism the better in my opinion. I wish there were colonists on certain maps, that did very little damage to the Monster but wouldn’t attack Hunter’s. Maybe salute them when they run by.


Weather control - broken hill mine - distillery - refueling tower in the cave area

Those are the best spots for deadly phantom


I second that. And like @chrono and @TheHermaeusMora said, they only spawn rarely and in caves, but when they do, it’s like a trap-jaw pack, and they stay in the area they spawn


And some of those eels! I’ve been dying to see more wildlife, especially ocean and/or air based.


100% monster favored wildlife in Hunt? No thanks, unless they change the AI so that they attack monsters as well.


Actually it’s not even a yes or no question when the “or” is present in the sentence. But I get the point :wink:


I didnt even know phantoms existed, and I’ve had this game since release. I hope they throw these into hunt, and make it so they focus on damaging monsters in caves.


They were I think only on aviary and weather control

But they decided to remove this wild life … wish there is a chance of bringing it out again

They can reduce the reavers or blizeppords amount … And substitute it with phantoms

But they v got to reduce the damage -should be rare - on few maps only …this is my opinion


I would love to see them. But only problem with them is that they don’t attack monsters only hunters. So if I’m playing as a monster I would just lure hunters to a bunch of phantoms and fight them there.


Any update if we can see those creatures on the .future ?