[POLL] Bring back the Glass Cannon


I am sure many people (or at least a few) like myself are practically demanding we get our “Glass Cannon” back. Wraith was designed with the small and sleek body capable of sneaking, she had a high amount of damage output (hence the “Cannon” part) and low combat sustainability (hence the “Glass” part). Meaning she could dish out high damage easily however if she stayed in combat she would quickly melt and die due to her squishy-ness.

Wraith used to be extremely agile and deadly, now she’s an overgrown snail. Although still deadly she now is slow as hell and has high sustainability. I hate this about her. Wraith was my favorite Monster by far due to her insane speed and high damage, I dislike being in combat long and hate how I have to just to be able to get strikes. With the new 1 second dome times and Monster changes I would’ve thought she’d be… well… what I’d like to call “fixed” because this version of Wraith, to me, is just broken.

Goliath is a brawler, he is up close and personal and has high damage, Kraken is an aerial damage Monster that stays up in the air and yet deals damage, Behemoth dominates the battlefield with his abilities and is quite scary to fight.

Wraith is now just a glorified Goliath, she has the ability to stay in combat now but she’s practically forced to fight and actually dome herself now. In the past the dome time with her speed was insane and you could never catch a Wraith and now? You can never miss any dome on any Monster unless you actually try or misjudge the 5m gap you have to miss it!

I know many people look back at Wraith at launch and scream OP to the highest of the heavens but I think it was truly how the Wraith was meant to be played. Fix some things and change others a bit and she’ll be as strong as she was at launch and be the glass cannon she is supposed to be, without being OP. Very skilled Hunters are out there now, they can handle it.

Even if TRS is worried that Wraith would be too OP for lower ranks and lesser skilled players, then just wall off Monsters for lower ranks like you do with levels.

Wraith needs to be changed. She needs her speed back and she needs to be the glass cannon she was meant to be, high damage and very high speed but low sustainability in combat. She is not how she is supposed to be now and not many people enjoy it.

  • Yes, Bring the ‘Glass Cannon’ back
  • No, keep her as is

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@Major_Warrior @Fav @crazybread101 I think you feel the same.

Wraith's Traversal and Blast Speed

Keep her as is. She would be easy to kill at relay were that the case, her movement speed traded for less armour is a terrible idea imo.

Compensating damage/speed for survivability might be worth it, but even still. Teams are too tanky right now on hunters. I doubt she’d outlive them.

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Her strength is in speed and deception. Don’t forget her damage output is already insanely high. Change everything to how it was at launch and see how she is.

Relay fights are her weakness, just as the ground is to Kraken.

I don’t think so, Wraith was meant to be a stealthy and damaging Monster, now she’s just another generic brawler Monster.

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I feel like the longer fight system is much more of an enjoyable aspect. She still does retain her glass cannon aspects but not to such a degree where she has no armor and health and nuke worthy damage but I would like to call it a fluctuating sweet spot at this point but I would like to fight a few more Wraith’s so I can keep saying that.

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So Decoy/SN spam, and never leaving stealth/engaging?..


Good teams can easily tell the difference between a decoy and the real thing. Plus not to mention that Wraiths that pull off that tactic typically do not win, and if they do they win because they’ve bored the Hunters sufficiently enough that they don’t pay attention.

I still think that SN shouldn’t stack with decoy.


Meaning she would show up for .1 second or so, and go back to stealth after being shot…
Her Decoy/Stealth would be amazingly powerful, and you’d almost never find her. Not to mention her CD on Decoy would be reverted, and she could spam it.


I feel like too many players now have been forced out of that mold and will change it up, because characters like lennox and jack would ruin that hide behind a rock and decoy method. Also, its pretty easy to pinpoint the area where wraith is, because she just sent a decoy from that area, so you shouldn’t expect a sitting wraith. more mobile wraith that will pop out of her cloak and blast your face off when you least expect it. That is how she was mean to be played, wily and taking advantage of a good situation.


But she is still stealthy and elusive.

She is also still fast and the fastest in combat than any other monster. She has the smallest silhouette compared to every monster and a cloak ability which by definition makes her stealthy.


Wraith was made for hit and run strategies. She needed a buff, but not more armor. I really hope they change her armor back to how it was before the patch.


Yet I still do exactly that and it works.


Haven’t played in forever need to try out how wraith is now to see what I think launch she was kinda op though not even gonna lie


She didn’t have the ability to fight long enough for a reliable strike without permanent damage so more armor was justified.


She has 2 major bugs right now, might not want to try too hard to play her.

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She’s not stealthy or elusive, she’s about as stealthy and elusive as any other Monster can be, which, is hardly anything if at all.

Not that hard to beat considering the competition.

Fixed that for you.

@Shepard I agree, the buffs were very well needed, not the armor. Rip off the armor, bring back speed. I’ll be happy.

This ignores what he said above. Buffs were needed so she could fight and get a reliable strike without taking permanent damage. Giving her buffs and more armor, was not justified. One or the other, not both.


I actually think the more armor she gets at S2 and S3 was a nerf for her. Because now after her armor is gone she has to take longer to restock to full. Unlike before, gaining 5 bars back was super easy and wasted very little time. No that it takes her longer to feed and armor I think that sounds like a nerf to me honestly. Especially if the timer is running down.


She was never OP, just bad Hunter Teams fought her in which case any Monster would win.

She had her pros and cons like any other Monster had. People at the time were so keen on jumping on the NERF Train the Wraith got hit in the ovaries with a Nuclear Nerf Bomb and all the whiners never saw it because they moved onto other games and when someone says “Evolve” they will more than likely think about “Evolution” in their biology classes.


I agree with this.


If you refuse to acknowledge something so simple as to pop Decoy BEHIND cover to utilize the power of the cloak to its fullest potential then I really question you and your credibility.

I see I really don’t gain anything for being here after seeing that so chow.


I should have been more clear. She needed a buff, but the armor buff was the wrong one. A better buff would have been letting her do more bursty damage, so that she could get a strike in a battle before she lost her armor.