Poll: Baby Goliath vs Baby Kraken!

  • Baby Goliath minion
  • Baby Kraken minion

Alrighty peoples we have yet to see the long fabled “minions” but i thought itd be fun to see which devilish baby creature you would want by your side more! it would be awesome to have a shmob of these following you into battle. maybe @SledgePainter can make some visuals on the baby versions?

And for lore’s sake caira theorized that these monsters came from the same origin and have branched into their variations through consuming planatary wildlife. but as we can see in the gameplay footage goliaths eggs are red. meaning he either puts in genetic input beforehand, or they are feeding off of his essense to evolve into his form. I dont think the minions will be “neutral” creatures that the monsters originally started out as.

anyways vote away! also, minion plushies. were gonna need those.

ps. this game is becoming very avp-esque and i love it lol

hopefully the poll feature works! i followed directions…


They could be Phantoms being hatched… and swarms of tiny Krakens with lightning tickles my funny bone!


Baby goliath bcs he’ll be more usefull :slight_smile:

But i don’t think it will be baby x-monster. If you have 2 diffrent monsters at the same time it would be way more fun :slight_smile: otherwise that baby will do the same tthing you do.


I’ll see what I can cook up, but the chibis I designed a while back looks pretty cute enough to be considered babies. Guess I could try for a more realistic babyfied version though.


hahaha could you imagine a baby goliath charge?!? they arent very big eggsacks so they must be what…wolf size?


I voted baby :goliath_roar: because I figure he will taste better after the hunters… or I… kill him


Imagine you being able to throw the baby goliath and he then uses smash xD


I have my own theories as to how these monsters are reproducing in the wild and why they go through a metamorphism state (which we call Evolving because it sounds cooler) as they grow instead of naturally growing.


Baby Kraken sounds ridiculously cute (and loud if they have any idea how Banshee Mines work)


haha i thot of a goliath crying now with flames spewing everywhere. if a kraken baby cries it sounds like banshee mines but its actually aftershocking all over the place lol


but…but freindly fire is turned off!! you cant eat it! or can you…


Well, my theory is…they touched water and this happened:

At first they were cute and cuddly…

…but then they ate after midnight!

Then they pop out of their eggs like:


You win. The entire forum, the TRS website, whatever browser you use, and the entire internet. It’s all yours. Every single bit of it.


You’ve said they all came from the same source…
I’ve read somewhere here in the forums that they were scientific creations.
I now wonder if they weren’t actually humans before. Altered by experiments, their humanoid form remains, they retain a good awareness and heavy intelligence, but they grew into impressively different creatures.


Say, have we seen any footage of Nest yet?


2 videos i think, but IGN will be revealing nest next week.


FUCK YEAH! And to anwer, i’d probably prefer baby krakens. Whilst they probabbly couldn’t KILL the hunter team, they could certainly distract ehm more. Did IGN SAY they would be unveiling?


Yea hink so, but i’m to lazy to find the article :slight_smile:


Cheers a bunch anyways. It’ll be something good to read after work


i want a baby goliath to gnaw at Mammoth Bird legs ಠ_ಠ