Poll: Add more wildlife to Hunt/Evolve


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Continuing this topic from OP above, I though it would be cool to add more wildlife into Evolve since we’ve have the same damn reavers for a whole year. stupid monkeys…

My idea is to add more wildlife from Evolve Hunter’s Quest, since they relate to the storyline. That or that Orion Terrorsaur that Griffin talks about.

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Maybe.
  • Only a few.
  • Add more maps with these as regular wildlife.

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#Some pictures of EHQ wildlife:

#Orion Terrorsaur:

Credit for Phantom poll and idea go to @Lmk


Devs claimed they would not add more wildlife as it would be more trouble than it is worth.


With spawn locations, storage files, animations, etc.

I bet. But with enough encouragement they just might add some. 'Tis always good to freshen up the game. :wink:

If we push them enough, we could get that Orion Terrorsaur:


Technically, Phantoms are already in the game though; they’re a map effect.
Same with Canyon Eels.

But yes, some of those animals are pretty cool and I’d like to see them in a new map.


This is a post branched off from Lmk’s post where phantoms are talked about.

Map effect or not, Phantoms and Eels should be added :wink:


Yeah from looking at the list and seeing alot of “discontinued” wildlife no. (I would like it but you pretty much listed the discontinued wildlife and we won’t be seeing them due to technicalities)


I just pulled these from Hunter’s Quest. It doesn’t mean other wildlife can’t be added.


Hm yeah i’m not talking about the fact other wildlife can be added was only talking about the wildlife you shown. If they do make something they would have to bend it around the current things they are capable of doing.


That said, MacMan did say this about the Ice Lurker.

So maybe we’ll have different variations of current wildlife one day. :slight_smile:


I always felt it would be cool if each biome had more unique wildlife specific to that biome. Ah well…


You do have some unique wildlife, like in Medlab you have Cephaladons and Steamadons. In Distillery there are Glaciapods. It would just be nice to see some more.


the can do dune wolf and remora there practically reskins


A Megadon could pass for an Armadon.


and possibly ice lurker that replaces reavers in frosty areas


Devs have stated that extra wildlife wouldn’t be worth the cost for it to be made, not enough extra gameplay value to be had from adding them sadly enough although I for one would love to see more. However all the wildlife in the above screenshots were concepts and in the old versions of the game (not Alpha or Beta) and were tested but removed for various reasoning.


Dune Wolf:

Already in-game as an Evac reward but I’d love to see them be an official part of the game.

Soot Swarmer:

No locatable evidence.

Canyon Eel:
Already in-game as an Evac reward but I’d love to see them be an official part of the game.


Cinder Hog:

Lava Strider:
No mention of why it was scrapped but it’s main function was to provide transport across large distances of extremely deadly lava (duh) but when Lava biomes were scrapped likely so was he due to now lacking a function.

Magma Charger:

Magma Wyrm:


No locatable evidence.


Ice Lurker:


Cave Creeper:
No locatable evidence.


Maybe Evolve 2 would have all that in,this one I don’t think has enough space I mean the tutorials are getting removed I hear so adding new wildlife would need too much space.

In general I hate wildlife especially reavers & mamoth birds my gawd how I’d love to meet one in real life!


Wildlife adaptations!

I would love to see more variety in the wildlife. Even if they are reskins.

New Wildlife

These wildlife would be incredible!!!


I would love to see new wild life in new maps . That would be cool . Nice addition to the game

Great idea