Poles on the dam


I fought some hunters the other day when I got to stage three they just camped on top of the poles near the relay off to the left. I had behemoth and trying to chase them down when they were on those tiny poles was a pain in the ass, needless to say I couldnt do it. Seems kinda hard for a giant monster to balance itself on a small pole long enough to actually be able to hit them. Sometimes id get a couple smacks in and knock them down but theyd just go right back up… So my question is on maps there are things like that for hunters to hide on top of, are they ever getting rid of that? It’s a smart tactic but its cheap as fuck IMO


It’s going to be changed in the next patch, Hunters won’t be allowed up there anymore.


That’s kind of crappy :confused:




praise be to the TRS dev team.


Id say its pretty fair considering my abilities are useless when they are up there


dont worry man i got 3-0’d in our lil tourney because of said poles. XD


that blows


Why not use tongue and lava bomb?


it was on fusion plants poles too. i REALLY wish i went 3 in tongue and 3 in wall at that point.


…Ok smartypants lecture incoming…
First of all if you tongue grab a hunter they can jetpack boost away,
SECONDLY, the poles were too small and when i did it it didnt even hit the shit.
THIRDLY. Fissure didnt even go up the pole.


I know fissure doesnt go up them (i play behemoth all the time , and see this strategy alot)

Whenever this happens i always just sit in the water, tongue someone, then rockwall so they cant get back up

And if that doesnt work (it normally does) i climb the pole, knock the person off, then rockwall them away


i dont put 3 points in tongue grab


I always put 3tongue, 3fissure, 2rockall, and 1lava works really well


i used to not take fissure cause it wasnt reliable (glitches)…not telling you what i do because then id be giving you an advantage :wink: cant have too much leaderboard competition amirite


nah but i take 3 lava stage 1 always and i win stage 1 so…yep


I dont like having anymore than 1lava because to me it doesnt seem to increase the damage by much


Were you facing laz griffon markov sunny set up?


it was hyde sunny abe and laz or val


Same thing happened to me once as behemoth but with parnell, crow, val, and bucket