Pokken Tournament challenge me and discuss here!


Ok let’s make this fast. I love Pokken Tournament but I don’t really have a challenge online cuz not that many people are good in my tier so here I am to accept challenges from you all.

also you can discuss the game here too if ya want to.


I wish I had a Wii U, because the game looks amazing.


it is amazing


How many Pokemon are actually in the game as characters?


You got Pikachu, pikachu libre, lucario, mewtwo, shadow mewtwo, gardivour, garchomp, suicune, charizard, gengar, blaziken, machamp, sceptile, weavile, chandilure, and braxin
so 16 in total
you can edit for misspells or I missed someone


Did anyone else misread Pokken as Pokemon? No just me? k…


yes just you :stuck_out_tongue:


Well that’s a little disappointing. I mean, I didn’t expect all 700+, but 16 seems a little low for a Pokemon game. They got two of my favorites in anyways; Gardevior and Lucario. Still, I bet it’s fun and I’m looking forward to getting it when I have money.


I think they might add more not sure tho they have room so


the music tho don’t get me started you have to listen to it


I downloaded the demo…I have I think 5 load-ups to give it a try. Only, I’ve never played a Pokemon game so I am very intimidated.


Worth buying just for anything Mario, anything LEGO, and Splatoon.



Anyways, they’re really fun. Haven’t played Pokken, so I can’t really say whether or not it’s fun, but it doesn’t look anything like the normal Pokemon games. It sounds a lot like Tekken (I think the same people made it, too), so I’d imagine it’s set up a good bit differently. Like a fighting game.

The normal games are most certainly worth buying, though I wouldn’t start with the newest ones. Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Soul Silver, or Heart Gold is where I’d start. Of course you don’t need to play all of those (but I did). Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum are in the same “generation” and tell the same story. The only difference is what Legendary Pokemon appear for you and a couple other small things, like the rarity of specific Pokemon. Same with Soul Silver and Heart Gold, except those are remakes of older games with newer Pokemon and a bunch of extra goodies. Soul Silver is my favorite. After that, just moving forward along the line works well enough.


Just to say, the Pokemon Freak I am, I currently have about 713 pokemon in my inbox (so I was able to collect all the pokemon in the game, im just waiting for the montly mythical they are handing out).

But Pokemon is simply amazing, first when I was a kid it was simply the story and the atmosphere.
Today, it is really more the collecting and with Sun and Moon it will be competitive battling (which is really and is really more a strategy game than anything else).


but pokken is nothing like normal pokemon games


you are officially my brother gimmie a hug!



Does no one have pokken tournament. Dang it now for a challange I have to battle stramers and go to ranked and face everyone using machamp and chadilure. ;-;


Still haven’t been brave enough to load my demo. I almost did…then it said I only had 5 load-ups and I was like…too much pressure! and clicked out again. I need to watch a Youtuber first I think.


but the game is like trial and error if you lose you learn


You can also take support Pokemon that help you out in battle.

And, of course, they will be adding more in the future.