Poker Night: A Tale of Monstrous Proportions


“So, uh… got any fours?” Goliath asked as his claws dub sharply into the cards, piercing straight through his jack’s eye.

“Wha-what?” Kraken replied. His tentacle buzzed with electricity, an occasional pop sounding through their small home.

“Got any fours I said.” Goliath shifted in his chair. It was uncomfortably small, digging into his meaty cheeks as his tail slid through the hole in the back.

“I told you we’re playing poker, not go fish.” Krakens voice buzzed and hummed with each word, almost like the static of an old television. It’d been some five minutes since he’d asked Goliath how many cards he wanted, already taking two for himself and an extra which he hid in behind one of his tentacles. “So how many?” He asked with exasperation in his voice.

Goliath sat still, looking through his cards thoroughly, sorting them from side to side again and again. Another few minutes passed by as Kraken, beyond bored by now, slumped over the table and crashed his neatly stacked tower of chips down. Seemingly enough, that awakened the Goliath from his stupor as he stammered back to the real world.

“So how many then?” Kraken asked one final time.

Goliath stared back at his cards and moved them about one more time.

“Got any–” he started.

“No I do not have any fours YOU… ugh. I don’t even want to play anymore.” Kraken snarled, shaking the table as he pushed it away into Goliath’s rippling muscles. “You can play with him, Behemoth.”

Behemoth looked down, wearing his pink apron and holding a tray which was steaming with a delicious smell that wafted towards them.

“But I just made cookies.” He said with a certain amount of pride and femininity that was both unexpected by the giant of a beast and yet… somehow fit.

Goliath’s eyes lit up a bright glowing red at the sound of this and he pushed the table back away from him, underestimating his own power and shooting it straight into the wall where it splintered, chips and cards flying about.

“I love cookies!” He said with glee, charging straight towards Behemoth and the tray and gobbling up at least half before another word could be uttered.

“Why do I even bother…” Kraken muttered under his breath, while someone nearby looked in on them from the window of their small house. Had anyone happened to take a glance towards it, they’d have seen the slithery silhouette of Wraith, their former friend and compatriot that had long been lost ever since a mishap with her decoy skill left her permanently invisible. For countless days, she’d watched their fun with envy which eventually turned to hate.

Goliath shoveled more cookies into his mouth before stopping suddenly and perking his head up. He looked around, all but frozen as his nostrils flared.

“Kraken…” He said in a low soft growl. His friend too got on all fours with a sudden alertness about him.

“What is it? What?” Kraken asked in a fervor.

Goliath paused, but only just. His eyes shifted left and right just before he finally spoke. “Do you have any fours?” He asked.

@SledgePainter gets full credit for the drawing! I asked her to show me her favorite or most unique drawing because I very much wanted to write something Evolve-y so there ya go! Stay tuned as there may be more of these in the near future :wink:


May I put in a request for a Dishonored themed writing?

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Surely since I love the game! Got a picture for me to go by or a certain story line or character or should I just make something random up? Feel free to PM the details if you want to keep it a secret until it’s done :wink: