Pokemons moon and Sun [SPOILERS!]


The results of a long and frustrating morning for me…


So you finally got one? Awesome!


I got a Pikachu unit but it is dual TN screens.


So is that bad? :frowning:


Still seeking dual IPS screens but I’m horribly conflicted right now. Dual TN might be better than a hybrid because having two different screens bother me…but I still want to try for a dual IPS since they look so killer amazing…but it may or may not exist in the Pikachu edition. Won’t know until more reports are in.


Well sorry I guess. I dunno whether I have dual ips or dual tn or hybrid or whatever I honestly don’t care I just like my 3ds :stuck_out_tongue:


I…can’t tell you to care or not to care, because caring like I do would make you insane and ignorance is bliss with this endeavor, truly…but dang it Nintendo and their shady business practices!


I don’t even know what’s going on in here.
But it’s nice to hear your voice again, haven’t chatted with you in forever. ^.^


Guess I will check mine to see if I have it cause I am kinda curious now

######(Don’t ask me why I posted a picture of Curious George cause even I don’t know)


Mostly it’s a personal problem with me, I guess, because of my need for high contrasting colors and such. It turns out Nintendo put different screens randomly in new 3DS units. Some have higher quality than others (IPS), while other screens are TN (Wash out at angles and not as crisp colors).

This is where I posted some video links for comparison of screens.
Turns out I have an IPS screen on the bottom and a TN on top, and this visually disturbs me. I thought something was wrong with my 3DS but when I went on-line to see what the problem might be I found out about the screen debacle and know now that I have an IPS on the bottom and TN on top. Most folks tend to get dual TNs or IPS on top and TN on bottom, but a lucky few get dual IPS…but again it’s all completely random and everyone pays the same price. Had I originally gotten a dual IPS or dual TN screen…I’d probably still be in ignorant bliss…but once you’ve seen IPS you can’t really go back.


Don’t blame me for not being able to unsee what you may see. I warned you.



So… What is mine likely to be atm?


If you bought a launch day model, IPS top screen or dual IPS were more common. If it’s a special edition possibly IPS top. If you bought it within the past year or so you have greater chances of dual TN. It’s hard to say without knowing.


Can’t look at my DS to see? Right in front of me.
I’ve the “NEW” Nintendo 3DS XL.

On a side note, can tilt my DS completely and still see the colour just fine on both screens. No changes/white spots from what I can tell.


If, when you tilt it there is no washing out of color, then you have IPS screens.


I think the wind got knocked from my sails. I’m transferring data to the Pikachu unit from my current 3DS and think I’m just calling it quits on IPS. It looks like across the board Nintendo has shut the IPS door, I have yet to see one person report an IPS screen. At least this way the differing screen qualities won’t upset me. :frowning:


Can you tell me exactly how to tell if it is duel ips or whatever?


If you look at it non-directly, by tilting the unit to the side, for instance, and the images wash out, colors invert, or generally start getting “lost” from your view, then it’s a TN panel. If the colors look good no matter the angle, no matter how far you tilt the screens or move them around, it is IPS.


Well then I think I have duel ips? I can’t really see any different in the color at all