Pokemons moon and Sun [SPOILERS!]


Oh, the place you form him at is on that island. You can get the 15% form right now.


Oh? I guess I will have to check out where to go for that.


I got my Hori screen protectors for the New 3DSXL Pikachu…I read they are easier to apply. I haven’t used Hori before but I have used Illumishield. I like Illumishield but it can be difficult to align theirs properly. You start at one side and it seems perfect until you get past half way and you’re just a smidge off and can’t undo it. You have to do it right the first time or you get dust under the protector. Illumishield gives you 3 screens but I took mine off the top screen on my n3DS standard size and don’t think it needs it, but unsure on the XL edition. I’ve never actually been able to hold an XL unit in my hands and only have seen display models in real life…not enough to tell if the bottom plastic rim around the screen harms the top screen in any way once closed. On the standard size you can view a closed unit from the side and clearly see that the screens do NOT touch in any way and there is a gap between the screens when clamped shut. Advice?


I don’t have a guidebook, I just let myself stumble upon them. :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably. I don’t really know, I didn’t play ranked to unlock Mega Stones, I bought em’ with BP.


There’s exclusive mega stones for a tournament thing only so you can’t buy those ones with BP


Yeah, not the special ones, I just got Lucarionite and Garchompite :stuck_out_tongue:


I decided to try out weighing mine and my son’s 3DS’s and after much…MUCH…issues, decided that I couldn’t pull it off with the equipment I had or that it’s just too close to call. I popped the cases off both units since his is a mario one that didn’t come with, and make sure both units didn’t have game cartridges in them. No matter what though I kept getting wonky readings within .05 oz. sometimes saying his weighed more, sometimes saying mine weighed more, and sometimes calling them both dead even. I even weighed the box multiple times and got off reads. I don’t plan to buy a high end mail scale so…my plans for going around town tomorrow with a kitchen scale are dashed, so I drowned my sorrows in a big bowl of shrimp.


I guess this means I have to bring a team up to level 50 before the next event? I am unsure how to make a battle team but I tried and it said NO too many Pokemon had the same carried things…I guess because of the Z powers being the same or berries, I dunno. I couldn’t really figure out how to make alternate teams either. Then again, I don’t have level 50 pokes yet…been too busy breeding Makuhitas for no reason at all other than trying for a shiny. I don’t know what makes an IDEAL nature, lol, but there sure are a lot of them to choose from. Glad I saw a video on putting the eggs into the Poke Palago…saves a ton of time hatching a batch overnight instead of one at a time.



This is a thing?

Also…there is an Okami DS game!!! Oh man…must get!

Also, what is the green Pokemon thing I have seen in some videos that gets tossed out? It looks like a plush toy…it doesn’t move or anything, just looks like a toy sitting there?


Show me the video and I can tell you what it is


Let me see if I can find one…I’ve seen it used in a few but nobody mentioned what the heck it was…


Ok, rather than dig through vids. since that might take forever, this guy has a plush toy version of it right behind his Pikachu 3DS…it’s the green smiling thing next to the pokeball armband.


Oh that’s a substitute not a pokemon use the move substitute in-game and you will understand :slight_smile:


Hmm, I don’t have that one yet…will have to check it out. I think it’s adorable.


You can’t use multiples of one pokemon. Or have pokemon with the same items.


It is pretty cute isn’t it?


I need one in my life…


It’s just a move. Substitute places a green Pokémon like statue in front of your Pokémon that blocks all damage, but costs a hefty bit of HP.


Me watching Ebay for anybody…anybody at all…listing an IPS Pikachu 3DS XL…

So many units…yet nobody wanting to turn on some screens for a second…