Pokemons moon and Sun [SPOILERS!]


Nah. Not worth it imo.


I didn’t buy the 3ds yet.


It’s something fun for me to do after beating the game, so I work on Pokemon that can do it well. To each their own.


Ahh, I see. Do you have your heart set on the Galaxy model? I’m all over the web in my search for dual IPS and if I come across one I could let you know, though the price might be up there. I know the Switch is the new hotness but I just don’t see it replacing the New 3DS I don’t care what anybody says. It’s just too dang big to be the portable you can relax with in bed or in the car. I don’t see the new 3DS going away unless it gets redone with a newer model.


Nah it’s fine, it doesn’t really bother me what kind of screen I have. Thank you though!


Is Pokemon Rumble World and Super Mystery Dungeon worth a buy?


Rumble world is a cash grab and super mystery dungeon is very and I mean very boring trust me I have played both of them


Which UBs are they, and what copy of the game do you have?

Also, that Haxorus is most definitely hacked, like my Kyurem or Sledge’s Mew.


Yeah, Crow’s already told me it’s likely hacked. But I also traded a random pokemon to get a random pokemon, not going to throw it away for no reason. I didn’t hack it, sooo…

Moon, traded my legendary for sun legendary with someone I know IRL.

Pheromosa is the one someone gave me, and I also have Nihilego I got from my game.


I badly need a damn destiny knot.


Dude, you’re gonna get like twelve Pheromosas.


Lmao, good? :stuck_out_tongue:
I also got an extra beast ball someone traded to me. So I have 1 more than I started with.


They give you a shit ton with each new UB they send you after, so there’s no need to worry about running out.


Omg i got in the PGL finally now i finally can play Ranked and get the Megastones for my Mawile and Steelix if they are out O.O


I will be all over a new MonHun game, mate.


Mawile’s one is out, but I dunno about Steelix.


Why do scalpers gotta be so greedy, man? I give a price point which I feel is more than fair, double the list price of a new 3ds, but they want $500 or $600? What are you, nuts? Who pays that!?


People who actually are rich and want it that bad


Wait what? They’re releasing more mega stones? I need mega Tyranitar D:


Somebody offered a two-owner-used dual IPS black for $470 or a Hyrule gold edition (which I don’t want), they would be willing to sell for $600. I’ve gotten no offers on trading my Nintendo Switch for one and in fact the trade may be poorly uneven seeing the prices for Dual IPS units. I may have to sell my Switch on Ebay and get whatever that goes for (which I know will probably be much more than the list) and turn around to buy a unit with that and the money I make off selling my current 3DS units…at least if some knowledgeable seller posts dual IPS Pikachus for sale. I will probably sell my son’s 3ds too since he doesn’t play it. He insists he doesn’t want it sold but I think he just wants to have it even though he has no desire to use it. He is such a Roblox addict. He will spend all of his money and time on Roblox and Minecraft servers…but I digress.

Friday I am hitting up all of the stores near me that hopefully will be selling the Pikachu 3DS. I am bringing my scale and plan to weigh every box I find and record my results. Maybe the weight method works…maybe it doesn’t. A few people on Reddit swore by it at least. I will buy the heaviest unit I can. Then I will go to GameStop and get my pre-ordered one there and hope for their heaviest unit. I should end up with 2 units and the best chance I can on my own without buying and returning everything or ruining everyone else’s chances in town of getting a new 3DS. I’ll definitely be reporting my findings.

So annoyed right now.