Pokemons moon and Sun [SPOILERS!]


Yes Finally xDDD

Finally got my Lv.100 Cherubi back good old childhoods :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


3 of my teams ;D


I’ll fight you soon!!


Yay. Just so I know are we gonna be using legendaries? Because I’m not the biggest fan of using the the really strong uber tier ones like Solgeo, Lunala, Rayquaza etc.


No legendary pokemon!


Alright. I still have some stuff to do, but when im ready I’ll let you know :smiley:


Me too, need to find a tm o,o


I’m ready whenever you are!


I bought a little Makuhita figure on Ebay and turned it into a necklace!
Do Makuhita have tails? This one does…


Makuhita does not have a tail


I didn’t think so…oh well, mine is a special dumpling then.


Makuhita with a tail?
Now I’m boosted :stuck_out_tongue:


Question…Is Pokemon Yellow the same game as Pokemon Red and Blue in the same manner as Sun is the same as Moon?


I think Pokémon Yellow forces you to take Pikachu as a starter? I can’t remember.


Yes pokemon yellow is almost exactly the same the only difference is the pokemon and you get all three starters and Jesse and James are in it.

Also you get Pikachu as a starter and your rival gets an evee, and your pikachu follows you around.

Also he has emotions


Don’t you mean…snowflake?


Pokemon Yellow was the first game where you could interact with your pokemon



Also, hey guys, I am simply curious. Could you look at your 3DS and New 3DS and let me know what type of unit you have (Like special edition, old or new 3DS, standard or XL size), and see what type of screens you have on the top and bottom? In case you didn’t see this (I posted it originally in the Switch thread) I made a video on my screens and it’ll basically show you how to tell if you have TN and/or IPS screens.


Did you ever get those splatoon new 3ds covers?


No, I was about to but the whole screen debate became a thing and I want to get one with dual IPS. If I end up not being lucky with the Pikachu edition next week I can either trade my switch for one or sell it on Ebay and buy a confirmed dual IPS unit (Ebay) which could also be standard-sized, and then get the Splatoon covers. It seems a lot of the people that got the 20th anniversary Pokemon edition with the Charizard plate covers got dual IPS so I can try for that but…it’s always a toss up what you get.