Pokemons moon and Sun [SPOILERS!]


Yours are already stronger than my strongest. I’ve been working with several groups of mons to get them up into the 30+ zone and have held my main mons back so they don’t get to 50 too fast.


Whats your main team consist of?


Decidueye, Incinaroar, Pikachu, Hariyama, Miltank, and I forget the name of the last one but it’s a flying red-tail-hawk looking pokemon that evolves from a fletchling. Occassionally I will change out Miltank for the giant panda evolution of Pancham.


Miltank is a pretty good tanks Pokémon, but I’d use Pangoro for the Elite 4. Fletchinder is the bird you have, and it becomes a powerful fire-flying type in its final form. Stick with it.

I’m currently training a team of mini-Pokémon that I want to fully evolve into their more powerful final forms. Murrow just needs a Dusk Stone, everyone else needs more levels.


D: awwww, okay then!


Muh new team ouo

Incineroar is gonna get replaced soon, though!


Isn’t Inceneroar the worst of the three?


All of the gen 7 starters are kinda meh but incineroar is probably the worst yeah.


He’s not too bad, he took me to the elite four. He’s just so slow though…


Primarina doesn’t seem all that fast either? And the grass starters are always the tanks, Sceptile being the only exception I know of.


Serperior and Emboar?


Ah yes, I entirely forgot about that one.


Isn’t Decidueye more of a glass cannon than Inceneroar as well this Gen around?


132 for Primarina, 117 for Incineroar.

Pheromosa sitting at 243… lol. At level 66.


No Dicidueye is due to his bad typing and his stats, Inceneroar is the second following behind Primarina who has the best stats of the three and she can also take them both out. Primarina is best starter


If I recall correctly, Pheromosa is currently the fastest Pokémon in the game.


If I recall correctly (and I may be wrong), Inceneroar has worse stats than Decidueye.


Decidueye is the only one who is fast tbh I wouldn’t consider using him even if it looked cool


Maybe natures are affecting it, but mine had very high physical stats (hp, atk, def) but low special stats and very low speed.


Wouldn’t consider using who? Deci or Roar?