Pokemons moon and Sun [SPOILERS!]


it does nublet, if you beat me you’re only half beating meh cause the other half ees from tha katt.

obviously I’m kidding smol one


I’m the one who helped her make that team!!!


we shall see if ur truthful there smol persona ouo


This is starting to get annoying.


\omo/ Truth. Oh yeah! It looks like you can inheret pokemon balls when you breed. o.o


coughs in sudden amusement


o.o… how do you get pokerus in moon?




I beat the entire game and the endgame and two days what you talkin bout. It’s easy if you have the time


Not me. Kinda busy with college a lot of the time.

And now for honor is out so I’m doing that so I’m not complete garbage


laughs annoyingly Your just a scrub leave the real pokemon masters alone grabs @Tsathy come with my you can’t talk to a non-pokemon master




\o.o/ Dang QR scanner doesn’t work on some pokemon


cheating smol person.



Let’s have a pokemon battle!!


My 3DS doesn’t connect to my school’s wifi smol persona, or did you already forgetti?


Oh. Dang o,o guess I’ll fight someone else


Don’t fight poople.

kill them :grinning:


Muh team o:


We should have a pokemon battle!!!