Pokemons moon and Sun [SPOILERS!]


SHUSH YOU. [quote=“SledgePainter, post:1083, topic:84968”]
This is the first time I’ve ever played a Pokemon game so,

Awwwie, hey! Do you want a cyndaquil?! I just got one o,o


Never ouo


You should, I just beat the game! Scrub.


I appreciate the offer but I actually just got one in a Wonder trade the other night. I do about 20-40 Wonder Trades a day when I get going, and have gotten a few Pokemon that I know are not from Sun and Moon. I also got Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle! I really want to try for a Groudon but I don’t think one of them will be wonder traded, heh. I never have anything the GTS peeps want…and if I do, not level 100.


Dang, okay. I’m going to start breeding pokemon real soon o,o perfect natures here I come


You need something to do >~>



I dun do that because it’s boring.


That’s what makes me the better trainer o,o I put effort into my pokemon!


That’s long and boring and too time consuming!


Cuz ur lazeh and weak


U take that backu D<


You kinda have to breed what…like 30 random eggs to get desired nature, since nature is random, yes?


something like that, I stopped playing competitive because I have no patience for it, I’d rather be doing something fun.


Like losing to me!


nuh uh!

i’m betta than you always! ouo

Also half your team is a ripoff of Katt’s so don’t be so high and mighty!


D: … Who told you that!?


#someone ouo


So what if I use three that she does!!!


It’s not your teeaaaammmm ouo