Pokemons moon and Sun [SPOILERS!]


Whoooohooo! Just got lunala!!!


goddamn, you’re that far in just 2 days?

you need something to do smol one. >.>


Yus ouo You forget, my mom taught me everything about pokemon!


she a scrubberino ouo


She’s a champion \o.o/ but I’m good too!!



ur still scrubbo ouo

nuh uh


Ask her yourself!

Fight me then!!!





I only need five to whoop your ass! owo


I only need one to beat yours!


Come fight me after school boi. Behind the monkey bars


That’s ez, I can ezily beat a smol persona like you! ouo

btw you can’t bring katt to fight for you! That’s cheating!


I have my own team of pokemons that I didn’t copy from hers. >~>



I’ll beat you into the GROUND




Lunala in a trade or did you play 2 days straight and beat the game already?

I must be one of those odd-ball players that just takes their time…I only just beat Sophocles challenge on the mountain on island 3. Also tried out some missions? Mission match-ups or whatever. Man I suck at those. I don’t know what beats what other than the usual fire/ice/water/grass. I need to look up a chart so I stand a chance at getting more than 2 points.


I just beat the Elite four right now ouo

Caught Nebby o: and yes! I’ve played for 20+ hours now.


I’ve got like 70 hours now, heh. But, I am totally new to Pokemon. This is the first time I’ve ever played a Pokemon game so, I just want to play with them all so I spend more time than I ought to fighting and leveling bunches of them.


o,o time to go fill up my pokedex!


What. A. Nerd.