Pokemons moon and Sun [SPOILERS!]


Oh hey, you did want one to be Lonely? I think it was Obimon that was Lonely? I just remember one was Lonely and I think the other was Lax? How does that happen when my Obi is Impish and the Brionne I used to breed was Serious? I forget what Metamon the Ditto’s nature was…


I would kill for that Porygon-Z.



Neither Natures matter the baby pokemon will always have a random nature


Unless the parent pokemon is holding an everstone!


or if u have a Pokemon whit Synchronize u get a 50% chance that the wild Poke have the same nature like ur Synchronize Pokemon :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t know this, thanks for the tip!


I like how everything with Pokemon seems to have very specific things required to do for evolving, breeding, or training. You have to catch this Pokemon only in the rain, by the light of the full moon, during SOS battles, while crossing your fingers and toes and riding on the back of a unicorn with the nature Pure, which itself was captured only on Akala island during the day, in the sunshine, next to a rainbow-colored rock…and even then you’ll only have about a 5% chance.


Muh pokemon team o:


What is Nereus?


A Greninja! \o.o/


Oh, very nice. I genuinely used to really like him, until he became nearly as mainstream as Pikachu. :frowning:


He’s mainstream?


i very like that u have all Alola-Starter in ur team ^^ Incineroar is so awesome


Enough to where he got an “Ash-Form”. In my eyes, he has surpassed Charizard in mainstreamness. Of course, he hasn’t surpassed Pikachu, but he’s certainly up there.


My Pokemons i already working on to make Lv.100 ^^

just 1 level up and i hv my next Lv. 100 Poke xD

Finally i got my Mega-Sharpedo :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you only using these Pokemon? I’ve held back getting them past 50 and been swapping mons out to try to level them all.


What is Godzilla? Also, Groudon is awesome looking, and so is the sharky.


Godzilla is a Tyranitar. And yes I am only using those!


Everytime i got a Tyranitar on my Team i hv call it Godzilla because it very looks like him xD

And Groudon is 1 of the 3 Main Legandarys on the 3. Gen :stuck_out_tongue: 1 of the coolest legendary ever


Gen 3 best Gen.

I remember discovering Kyogre in Pokémon Ranger dude, 'twas cray.