Pokemons moon and Sun [SPOILERS!]


I would Rayquaza so I could decimate my foes and also go flying whenever I want to. Also I would be able to mega evolve him because I would force feed him pokebeans so he would love me.


If i would have a real Pokemon i want a Cherubi its so Cuuuuuuuute, it is is my fav. 4. Gen Pokemon :stuck_out_tongue: and it was my first Pokemon i have make Lv.100on my Pearl Version whitout Evolving xDD

i just hope im not going to eat it if im hungry… Wait What ? O.O


I’d of course go with Makuhita…he might cost a lot to feed and take up a whole bed, but I think the cuddling potential would be amazing and he’d be an awesome pillow. He’d smell like dumplings and we could go eat sushi together. On the plus side nobody would mess with me since Makuhita could kick their butt.


Sidenote…just throwing this out there. I will trade my Nintendo Switch for a New 3DS XL Pikachu US Edition if it has confirmed dual IPS screens, top and bottom.


I just got a 3ds!! Got pokemon moon o:


Welcome to team


I’m on Team Sun but I also have Moon. At this rate I think I will have to play my son’s 3DS to get the moon Pokemon and trade to myself on Sun since he has little interest in the 3ds or Pokemon.

This game is really addicting and has a ton of content. I’ve never played Pokemon before so this all was new to me. I like it! I’ve also been Wonder Trading and getting Pokemon not from sun and moon but earlier versions I guess. It’s kinda rare but it can be done. I try to do trading every day via Wonder and also GTS, but GTS takes longer.


I got so angry with the male Pichu I had been raising…He was stuck on 5 hearts, fully happy, and full, and not evolving into Pikachu for the longest time. It took a couple days and when he still didn’t evolve I went out and SOS farmed Pichus for 3 more Pikachu…only took me like an hour. Easier to catch than to evolve, contrary to the book guide notes, in my experience. Didn’t help that I think I accidentally traded my soothe bell since i can’t find it. I evolved 2 into Raichu for GTS trading and wondering if I should evolve my other pikas into Raichu also. I don’t really like the alolan form compared to the older more pointy Raichu though.


Affection (heart thing) isn’t the same as happiness even though it seems like it would be, I thought it was the same too at first so it’s an easy mistake to make, especially as this is your first Pokemon game too


Finicky buggers huh? I had given my first Pichu, a female, a soothe bell and it seemed to go faster. Keep in mind with the Pichus I love them up after every battle, feed them until they deny the food (usually), try to feed rainbow beans if possible, and try to prevent them from fainting. I found the SOS method of obtaining a Pikachu easier BUT I do like having MY own raised up from Pichus because…bonding. But obtaining Pikachus is great for trading!


Yea you can battle with the Pichu while making sure it doesn’t faint or even walking around with it in your party will all increase happiness (that I know of, probably some more ways)


Choose a TM and teach it to Pichu. Then replace that TM with another one. Then replace that one with the first TM. Repeat over and over for 10-15 minutes. Teaching a Pokemon a TM increases happiness levels, so doing it 40+ times will max it out really fast; especially if you equip it with a soothe bell. That’s how I got Snorlax REALLY early.


Oh yeah? I dunno if I would do that kind of grinding rather than SOS for one but it’s good to know for when I run into another friendly-needing pokemon.


;☆; I’m ready whenever you are, sledgy.


My Rowlet was gotten via Wonder Trade so it won’t have my name on this one as the breeder. So my question is, do you want me to breed for one? I could have it later tonight for ya along with a popplio too methinks. I also have your friend code so if you just want this Rowlet I have right now we can do it now.


Imma breed one real quick…


Breed me one with the right nature? Plz o:


This I do not know how to do yet, just started with breeding myself and need to study about natures because I do want to do that stuff for the best 'mons…but since I am new I am breeding using @Maximumlimit15 's Ditto.


It just needs a brave, adamant, lonely or naughty \o.o/


I just realized something…My Rowlet is named Obi, and Max’s Ditto is named Metamon. So, that would make the new Rowlet Obimon…Obimon Kenobi! Should I name it Obimon Tsathy?