Pokemons moon and Sun [SPOILERS!]


I made it to the third island yesterday. According to the 3DS, I have been playing the game now for 70 hours. According to the Nintendo thing online it says most players average around 30 hours. Players who rush to the end take 25, and those that are leisure take 45. Lolz! But then again I do keep swapping out Pokemon to try and level them up. There are also a ton of mons I’ve missed out on catching since I guess they require either day or nighttime catches, or SOS battles. I was looking for a Pacham and when I finally got one it SOSed in it’s evolved counterpart! So I caught that one, but then had to find another Pancham and it took like 20 more battles to find one. I did find a shiny Yungoos evolution (Gumshoos?) in the wild though.

I went into the GTS but whenever I actually seek out Pokemon people want things that aren’t from this game version, or stuff level 100 already. I also wish they would make it easier to get other variants. Like I would like the standard Meowth or Raticate but I have to scroll through tons of players trading to find those variants. When I do they want like a Groudon or something I can’t get to even think of trading. Also can’t seem to find a shiny Makuhita or Hariyama. I need to learn more about perfect breeding because I’d really like to have the strongest of those two mons. I wish there were more nurseries, like one on each island, because getting one egg at a time is really slow.

Been trying to sign into the Pokemon game sync from different devices but no luck at all, just more of the same refreshing without signing in…guess I’m out of luck for taking part in on-line missions.


You say that like it’s not a massive deal. I have never caught a Shiny Pokémon. Not once. The odds of running into a random Shiny are 1/8192. Just randomly stumbling upon one while playing through the main storyline without actually actively hunting for one is a really big deal.


The odds are that high? Wow, I guess I should feel more impressed, lol! When I caught it I was like…oh, that’s cool, but I didn’t know the odds. I figured it was rare but like maybe 1 of 100. So when people hunt for Shinies, do they just go out into the wild and battle forever or is it more of a breeding thing?


There’s certain methods of getting them faster; SOS chaining, breeding, stuff like that. People will actually continuously hard reset their game for hours on end until the Legendary or starter they want comes out as a Shiny.

Edit: According to an article I just found, they increased the Shiny chance rate since X/Y, but it’s still an incredibly high number. I also don’t know how valid this source is. “The odds to finding a Shiny Pokémon this way is 1 in 4096 from Pokémon X and Y onward.”


Wow…glad I caught it and didn’t trade it away then! I literally was just seeking out Pancham since some NPC wants it’s Pokedex scan and poof, it just showed up, no SOS battle required. I can’t imagine people turning their game or DS off and restarting over and over just for a shiny though. I wouldn’t even do that for a Shiny Makuhita! I know some people exit out to change their DS clocks but…that’s even too extreme for meh.


If you could have a real Pokémon, but just one…which would it be?


If just one, eevee. If more than one, I’d take an eevee and a ditto and just breed em. I’d hope that I’d also get an unlimited number of the stones to evolve and get all the eeveelutions




I think it’s easy to guess mine :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Is it Greninja?





Oh it’s stuffel


Oh oh!

Look what I found!



Delphox. D-E-L-P-H-O-X.

ahem Pokedex mode activated

Delphox, the Fox Pokemon, and the final evolved form of of Fennekin. By focusing on the flame on the tip of it’s branch, Delphox can see into the future.


Oh you mean the Fox pokemon that isn’t as cool as Evee?




-wishes for even more pokemon-


Thats a deal breaker right there

I, for once and only once, agree with @Rapterror.


As a pet I’d probably choose eevee, he’s adorable. If battles were a thing I’d choose tyranitar, because tyranitar is the best :smiley: