Pokemons moon and Sun [SPOILERS!]


Alright I reseted my festival plaza lets see if it works now


I got ya!!


Ahh so you have to Link Trade, I got ya…also Mew is on the way!
I will give Metamon a happy home as a stud in the nursery.


Thanks Slegde I will definatly get you the three starters when I beat pokemon yellow


:). I made you a VIP!


Same here :slight_smile:


You won’t be able to use that ditto for battle until you beat all the Kahunas but it is good for breeding


So i already working on my Musharna because its 1 of my fav. 5. Gen Pokemon

So this is how it looks like if it´s alright

(just a cute pink sleeping beasty :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

but how it maybe looks like if it sleep ?

RIGHT !! it wakes up O.O

the wierdest thing i hv ever seen in a Pokemon game and between this is how it looks like if it use a Z-Move xD That Eye O.o


@SledgePainter I have bad news. So it turns our you can’t breed in pokemon yellow so you probably won’t have a gameboy symbol on the starters


It wasn’t a deal breaker, no worries.


I created a trainer account so I could take part in the community challenge thing but it won’t let me sign in. I verified with my email and was all good, just had to game sync after signing in but I can’t get past the sign in…it just inputs my info and does nothing after but wipe my input away, so I can’t sync up to take part. That sucks! Apparently anyone making new accounts is facing this issue, but people who made accounts prior to Pokémon sun and moon are still fine and can sign in no problem.


You don’t know true pain in pokemon until you played the first gen and realized waking up from sleeping takes a turn and and attacks like coil don’t let you attack until the coil attack is done


Am I the only one that got a Miltank and named it Maddcow?


im so happy im not the only one whit that problem that sucks so much -.-


There seem to be a decent amount of complaints about it on YouTube. One guy even created a new second account just to see, and his new account would not sign in either, but he has been using his old account from years ago just fine.


OMG WTF i got a cosmog whit lucky egg just for a normal yungoos on the GTS O.O Where the hell put his cosmog in the GTS just for a Yungoos xD

ok that cosmog is hacked it has all stats whit perfect IV and that guy has trade more of zje same one but anyways i finally can make a cosmoem whitout evolving xD


Ohhhhh what’s his username?


lillie and the name of the cosmog is Nebby xD


@SledgePainter it may take awhile as the exp what wasn’t in the first games so I have to grind to level up my Pokémon :sob: it really sucks

Also I am taking a small break after playing it nonstop last week and the week before


What?! I don’t have a perfect lunala so how can Nebby have perfect ivs and not it’s final form?!