Pokemons moon and Sun [SPOILERS!]


I think it looks cool, if only there was a way for the 3DS to connect to a computer so you can actually print your drawings.


Holy fuck me dude I just got a Phione in Wonder Trade


I did a thing!

Yes, I got the Art Academy. This is actually the first time I’ve been able to use a stylus on a tablet to do real art!

I suffer from an artistic separation when it comes to digital art. Unlike the youth of today, I was raised with paper and pencils, and seeing what I am drawing by looking at the paper. I cannot use a tablet (which indeed I do use for colorations for digital art) to simply draw an image without it looking like a 5 year old did it. I’ve always wanted to invest in a Cintiq which allows you to see what you are drawing as if on paper…but that was wicked expensive. I am planning on getting the IPad Pro with the Apple pencil but just haven’t taken the financial plunge because I am still unsure how I will like drawing this way. This little software program can actually let me know how I like it!


Just got pokebank again


Also @SledgePainter I will gladly take that mew off your hands…


Trade me for a legit, standard mew?


I don’t have a mew :sob:

In fact I have never had a single mew in my entire life I want one so bad!


Hmm, they have to be trade-able in the GTS no? Are some Pokemon not tradeable?


If I am correct event pokemon are not tradeable via gts


Can I breed my mew to something, get a mew, and trade the offspring? I don’t have a ditto yet but planned to try and trade for one.


No you can’t breed mew :frowning:

I can give you a shiny ditto for your shiny mew tho


Friend Code = 1650-6310-4119

I will take your ditto.

One thing though, the Mew would not listen to me. I don’t know if it was because it was lvl 100 and i’m onlt to the second island in the game or what but it wouldn’
t do a thing in battle.


Mew won’t listen to you because it’s level 100 and you haven’t beaten the game yet’

Friend code:1564-5287-4908


Ok, I added you, what next?


Get on the game and connect to the internet via festival plaza


Already there…


Your online and not on wireless?


I’m on wireless…I’m in the plaza and connected to the net. Unsure how to trade with you though.


Real fast to connect to the internet you click the wi-fi symbol you clicked that right?


Yep. Why, is it saying I am not…I clicked it again, it says im still connected.
Communication mode is Internet.