Pokemons moon and Sun [SPOILERS!]


Pokemon Sun and Moon hype!!! :-)! :-)! :-)! :-)!! :-)!!?


How has there not been a thread about this already?! :laughing:


I pokemon so hard man


As soon as they announce a release date, both games will be pre-ordered

2016 is going to be a great year for me


I’ll probably GET MOON


Every time I see anything about Pokemon I get excited. I love it, been playing since yellow and I’m always happy to see what’s new. Only problem is, I can’t play it anymore. It’s not just Pokemon, it’s any turn based RPG. They just get so repetitive and grindy I can’t keep focus on it. On the other side, it looks like a Pokemon fighting game is coming out for the Wii U or something and I’m super excited for that!


You talking about Pokken? Yeah it looks great.



Cant wait to see the new Pokemons i hv see some leaks of the Starter and Cover Pokemon ( dont know if its Fake looks very real it was on the Japan Magazine )

But i still like Digimon more ^^ better Story, better Anime and better Designs


I can’t wait, I think I’m gonna get Pokemon moon, since it seems like it’ll have more of the types I like


I’m excited, I already got 'em all so it won’t be so hard to gather the rest of them in the new expansion. Maybe I’ll go competitive this team, excited to see what new changes they might implement (or even better, what new Mega-Evolutions).


I can only get one version so ima wait to see the exclusive legendarys before I preorder one


Would buy easily


ehh I think I will pass on this game instead I don’t like those legendary’s… to human looking…


…dumb body is invalid message :stuck_out_tongue:


These games sound cool, but I’m just sitting here waiting for Pokken Tournament this month. :confused:


no starter pkmn have been confirmed, anything that u see thats not on serebii.net or nintendos website is fake.


Yeah i already know its Fake i hv make this comment before i hv see it that its Fake xD


U can preorder then now


i have to get sun because daytime play only allowed in my fam…:cry: