Pokemon TCG


Anyone still happen to collect Pokemon cards? Does anyone still have theirs that they would like to sell?

My current obsession is Pokemon cards so I’d like to see if I’m the only one


I have a metric fuckton back in England… But I don’t know what they’re worth nor do I have any means of being able to send them to you. Sorry xD


you make me cry you really do


If I were to collect pokemon cards again, it would be the ones back in the 90’s, just for dem feels…:crying_cat_face:


For competitive or just casually? :stuck_out_tongue:


Casual collector that gets them PSA graded and resells for $$


Do you play the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online? It’s a free official online multiplayer of the TCG. You need to acquire code cards from physical packs to unlock card packs online, though. I could dump you a bunch of my extras and misc. cards if you’d like online.


I used to keep a Zapdos in my wallet. =P


I’ve been thinking about starting a Pokemon TCG collection, I’ve been a lover of the game for years and I’m starting to get the TCG itch.