Pokémon: Sword and Shield discussion

I’d say only slightly since S/M still had the post game story of catching the UBs with Looker, only difference really is minus the ultra wormhole and the older legendaries.

I’m counting Gigantimax raids, which there are a good number of. Pretty sure some Pokemon can only be found from raids too.

Gigantamax raids are still categorized as max raids it’s just that they only appear after the 8th gym and are in the rare raid Pokémon pools. As for Pokémon that only appear under raids I said that I’m pretty sure there’s some but that still really falls under doing raids or completing the Pokédex it’s not it’s own thing really.

Edit: I’m gonna make a post for Pokémon Sw/Sh if it already doesn’t exist so we aren’t clogging up the SSR

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This guy summed up a lot of what I feel towards Sword and Shield better than I ever could.

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