Pokémon: Sword and Shield discussion

As the title says this is for talking about the most recent Pokémon games Pokémon Sword and Shield.

@TheMountainThatRoars or someone else can you move the posts from the SSR to here if you guys don’t mind?

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I don’t keep up with any of the Pokemon games but what do they offer? New Generations, new stories, new mechanics? I can’t see the reason to collect all the games unless you enjoy 2K’s NBA Games or EA’s Fifa Games

A new campaign, a slew of new Pokémon, a new region (basically a new country to traverse around), and typically new mechanics as well.

Although, if I were you, I’d look into getting Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon before I got Sword and Shield. That’s just out of personal preference, however.

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I don’t want to sound like a bandwagoner, but screw Sword & Shield. I wanted to keep an open mind but I’ve seen way too much evidence to suggest Game Freak is cutting corners. I’m sure they had good intentions, but no one said the game had to be released this year. If they pushed the release date back I’d be perfectly fine with waiting another year; especially since they’re charging full price.

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The game is amazing though. Like 9/10

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After playing through it the only complaints I really have is that the actual story is kind of non-existent until you’ve started to beaten the 8th gym. I guess that’s probably a side effect of not having a real evil team though. Oh and I don’t like how they handled Max raid battles as 4-5 star battles are annoying as hell to beat solo due to the mechanics and them being always super tanky.

I wouldn’t say 9/10 since it does need some improvement but it’s around a 6-7/10

Except for the copious amounts of cut content, including over half of the Pokémon and 144 moves (some of those being certain Pokémon’s signature moves). And the complete lack of post game content, giving the game very little replay value. And the fact that Game Freak lied about adding more highly detailed animations to the game, not only reusing a considerable number of character models from SM/USUM but also whole animations for characters. And the fact that the Japanese player base literally wasn’t even informed about the Dexit, because no official information was put out to them whatsoever.

And, imma be straight with ya’ here Chief, mega evolutions were the shit, which is definitely not an unpopular opinion within the Pokémon fanbase, but Z-Moves were an absolutely garbage replacement, and a good amount of mega evolution fans like myself feel the same way about Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing (also reallllll fuckin’ classy of Game Freak to give Charizard even more favoritism by not only making him the only returning starter, but giving him his own Gigantamax as well).

On a more subjective note, I’ve gotta say that these are probably the worst looking starters we’ve ever received. First form, okay, I can get behind. Second forms are always weird, but there’s always the chance to bounce back. But then you get Jason Momoa, a rabbit that looks straight out of My Hero Academia, and the Geico gecko if he was on Rupaul, and you start to wonder what the fuck Game Freak was thinking, especially coming off of SM/USUM which had arguably some of the best designs for starters out the entire series. Seriously, these new guys are up there with the X/Y bunch in having the worst starter designs around (fuck a bitch named Chesnaught).

But yeah, phenomenal game, best in the series, 9/10 easy.

It’s all subjective man. I haven’t had this much fun playing Pokemon in a long time. I started on Pokemon Red (whis is objectively the better version, don’t @ me) and have played every version since with the exception of the PLG games.

I mean, yeah, some of it is subjective, and if you can find the good outside of the bad then I applaud you for being more of an optimist than myself, but I just feel incredibly disrespected by the corners that were cut to make this game. It has all the potential to have been an amazing game, and I probably would be agreeing with you if they had just waited like, a year or something to drop it. No one said they had to rush passed adding all of the Pokémon or moves in. I’m positive the player base would’ve been fine waiting one more year for a more polished product.

Pokemon Yellow first and last game I played. Lol I loved it though.


I can understand reusing the models since IMO they still look pretty good but I was really upset we didn’t get many new animations when they said we would. I can understand reusing some (the camp using the eating animations is one I totally understand but I wish the Pokemon actually had the food in their hands) but most of the reused one either should have had new animations made for it, like Pokémon moves, or just not reused. They gave Hop Hau’s excited animation… Not to mention that we still don’t really have a turning animation for Pokémon in the overworld which I’m pretty sure would be simple to make and add for at least the legendaries.

One animation I really don’t like is the shield legendary’s signature move. Yeah it looks kinda cool in the beginning but why didn’t they animate the shield going back onto its side it literally just stands there for like one second when instead it could have had the shield moving back onto the side and not just suddenly appearing back. With the sword legendary you can at least infer that he just turned back around but with the moving parts on the shield I at least expected it to move back into its unarmed mode thing.

Z-Moves actually didn’t replace Megas at all, both are in S/M/US/UM. I did kind of like Z-Moves but eventually it just kinda felt a little boring since it’s basically just a cutscene move. I do appreciate what they were trying to go for though by making battles a little more cinematic.

Don’t know why, but out of all of the ones they reused or half-assed, this one made me the most angry to see.

Okay fair, I forgot that Megas were still present in SM/USUM. However, if I’m remembering correctly you could only get the Mega Stones from completing stages in the battle tree-thing and using points earned to purchase them. I also know that they didn’t add any new Mega Stones, which they totally could have done. I just don’t see any need to add something other than Mega Evolutions, when it was such a great concept and worked so well. I’m not trying to say that Mega Evolutions are loved universally, but I’ve certainly never seen anyone say they dislike Mega Evolution, or even that they like Z-Moves or Dyna/Gigantamaxing better.

The other gen 1 starters actually are in the game, and there is indeed post game content. The rest doesn’t really matter to me, because Megas were broken.

You mean, catching Zacian or Zamazenta? Because I don’t really consider obtaining a Master Ball or a Beast Ball (which is virtually useless in this game by the way) post game content. Or are you referring to the two teensy-tiny bits of dialogue that get you Type: Null or Charmander? Or maybe the ability post game to… get gym leader trading cards?

You really ain’t makin’ a good case for the game here, brotha.

Haha, I wasted my time using it to catch Zacian

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The storyline involved in getting the legendary is indeed post game, but I was more referring to the Battle Tower and raids. More post game than USUM truthfully.

And yes, currently you can only get them from hacking, but they will be available by trading at the beginning of next year. Also, I’m not particularly trying to convince you, just correcting false information.

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In total the post-game of Sw/Sh is: Post-game story against freaky hair guys, Battle tree but made of metal and easy, more max raids that were all pretty much already accessible once you beat the 8th gym, new Pokémon to catch but less because of Dexit, collecting shiny baseball cards that you can’t sell even though they’re considered rare and rebranded title defense, All in all 6 different things two of which can only be done once and the other four can get pretty boring.

In total the post-game of US/UM is: Post-Game story against Rainbow Rocket and their gang of “successful” villains, Battle Tower but made of tree and pretty good because you can battle past legends like Red and Blue, Catching Pokémon from alternative universes and thus technically preventing that universes character from completing the Pokédex (what a dick move), Catching all the legendaries (again dick move), new normal Pokémon to catch but more because this isn’t Galar, original Champion Cup but less unique encounters since you only battle the elite 4 every time instead of random trainers/gym leaders. All in all 6 different a activities two of which can only be done once and the rest of the 4 can get boring after awhile.

Sw/Sh has exactly the same amount of content as US/UM post-game wise technically if you don’t count how long each activity would hypothetically take.

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Most definitely not, but alright. Max pretty much went through all of USUM’s post game content so I won’t beat a dead horse here, but it definitely seems as though there’s loads more to do in USUM comparatively to Sw/Sh.

If you consider the size of the content then US/UM is bigger. All in all there is about 24 legendaries per game not including The new ones or the ones that require having both version exclusives. There’s exactly 6 unique ultra beasts encounters (not repeats) one of which is found on a route. To catch ultra beasts you need to enter a slightly rarer than usual white wormhole which per version has three different rarities of common (two different UBs) uncommon (two different Ubs) and rare (one UB). Let’s consider it takes you about three minute to find an UB wormhole, that’s about 15 minutes not considering getting repeats, the time it takes to traverse the area, the time it takes to catch the UB, and the time it takes to relaunch the Ultra Wormhole mini game to get into said wormholes. This isn’t considering the option to go back and shiny hunt each UB as well which would add a lot more time.

Getting legendaries let’s consider you only take the rarest portal and somehow get very lucky and get the legendaries instantly the highest percent you can have is a 5% chance starting at 4,500 light years. Let’s say at exactly 4,500 light years you get that lucky 5% and instantly see your portals. I’m not sure the average time it takes to traverse that far so we’ll count in the light years instead. To get all 24 legendaries you’d have to have to get lucky 24 times and have traversed a total of 108,000 light years as a child riding either a bat or a lion. This is not considering shiny hunting every wormhole legendary, getting duplicate rare colored portals (there’s 4 different colors), traversing the small area towards the legendary and catching it. Compare this to catching all max raid Pokémon and collecting those cards I think these two would take more time than those two combined. So technically yes there’s more to do in US/UM than Sw/Sh when it comes to catching the legendaries and UBs since unlike max raids you can’t save scum the Ultra Wormhole mini game.

No I’m not doing exact math or comparing the battle tree to the battle tower because this already took awhile >.>

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Ah, I forgot about Rainbow Rocket. More than regular Sun and Moon, at least.