Pokemon go!


Will it be a flop or the single greatest thing to ever destroy our social life? :smiley:


Since the ingress people are working on it I’d say flop


yes. <crazy ppl


Okay, question: Will certain pokemon only appear in certain areas? Like, Pidove appearing in heavily populated cities like a pigeon would, or only being able to catch Gyarados in a body of water?


I think they’ve had a expo on it already… Imma scrounge up my details to add to this thread in a few minutes!


Okay, make sure you tag me when you do! This looks AMAZINGGGGG.


And didn’t ingress made a great augmented mmo game?


This the press conference and discussion about it! Turn on subs, due to most of it being in Japanese… :smiley:



The game is confirmed to be free, but Pokemon catching/locating commodities will consist of a Bluetooth pokeball wristband!


And fans are already making plans for when it comes out!

I think I might be the guy who challenges other trainers if they stand in front of me and make eye contact… XD


I really hope it’s not a flop. This game has the potential to be amazing.


Fixed that for ya :wink:


And I hope so too! It can make every Pokemon’s fan dreams come true lol


Oh yeah, thats what I meant.


I’m not sure if it’s gonna be a huge hit or a huge flop, but it is certainly and incredibly overhyped. Holy crap, the commercials make it look like the pokemon are actually going to be there and, friggin incredible as that would be, it would be much closer to you walking to a certain spot and have your little thing buzz, where you play a mini game to advance yourself a bit more. Again, not sure if it’s going to be a gigantic deflating balloon or the equivalent of the second coming of Jesus Christ, but the trailers are absurdly overhyped.



I’d like to be present for the second coming of Jesus… :dizzy_face:


Eh if by great augmented mmo you mean mediocre nothinglikewhatitwasadvertisedas game that grew old rather fast (and didn’t really break through where I’m from, felt like there was like 10 people playing it) then yes.

Pokemon go has the potential to be really great but if it’s just a reskinned ingress I don’t see this going anywhere


I can’t wait for the first news story about a kid who went into a dark alley because he was following a Pikachu and then got beaten up by a bunch of street gang members.


Team Rocket :stuck_out_tongue: