Poison Buff and a Question About It


So I’m not positive on how much damage the poison buff does but it seems like a fair amount and my question is that a character like Hyde who has little damage but an extreme fire rate would poison end up doing more dps than damage buff?


I don’t think it stacks, I think it just reapplies. And as far as doing more damage, that depends on how consistent you can hit the monster. If you can only get in pot shots because they’re evasive / far away, poison will do more. If the monster is fully engaged in a fight, dmg buff will probably do a lot more.


My weird brain thought of it like a small percent of small number doesn’t do much so hypothetically let’s say Hydes flame thrower does 100 damage a hit (just cray cray fast) 25% increase would be 125 damage which isn’t the biggest increase in the world so if the poison happened to do more than that being applied per hit…was just curious :stuck_out_tongue:


I think poison does as much damage as being on fire. Both appear to tickle down health very slowly. Like I said, if you can consistently hit the monster, damage buff will do more. If you can’t hit frequently (like some seconds apart, against a fleeing monster), poison will do more. The caveat is that the damage buff is much harder to acquire compared to the poison buff. Given the choice, I would always pick damage over poison.