Point system

What the heck is up with the point system! ? It’s unbelievable. Silver skilled beat a determining rank win 13 points. Beat a silver skilled or expert 1 point maybe 3 if I’m extremely lucky. Lose one match to the same ranks, minus up to 9 points. It’s one step forward 10 steps back… and the sad thing is there’s nothing on here or anywhere for that matter from the developers on how this is supposed to work.

I believe all info can be found here:

Ranking works by finding the average ranking of the four Hunters and the rank of the Monster. It takes those and it takes into account how you’ve been doing in previous matches.

The system predicts the outcome of the match based on ranks and your history in previous matches and distributes points or removes them accordingly. It also takes roughly 30 games for the game to accurately distribute and remove points.

Anything I didn’t mention or didn’t cover can be found in the thread above.

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It’s designed to give you the highest W:L ratio it can. Up a little down a lot after 1 game is the most effective way to do this.